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how do i lose some belly fat?

im going on vacation in about 2 or 3 weeks and i want to look better in my bikini now im 14 and im not fat i just have a little bit of extra fat in my stomach ive tried crunches and sit ups and diets are hard for me i dont over eat i just dont like to be told what i can and cant eat what do i do?

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7 Responses to “how do i lose some belly fat?”

  1. Joey said :

    dont eat carbs, refined, whites and with trans-fat.


  2. jonathanOBrien said :

    I have the same problem (:
    I’m just not trying to look better in a bikini. hah.
    What I do is go on to OnDemand on Comcast and do those excercises. Seems to be working. I also changed by diet a little bit.

    Good Luck though!

  3. The Diet Solution said :

    I hear you about not wanting to be told what to do, however when you want drastic change, you must take drastic measures. First, remove all grains from your diet. That includes but is not limited to pasta, crackers, bread, pasta, potatoes, and anything with the word WHEAT in the ingredients. You should also cut out all foods that are white in color, unless the food is a vegetable or chicken. Do this for 14 days and you will see a huge difference in your body once this is over. Not only will you lose body fat, but you will also have increase your energy levels.

  4. DMarkers said :

    well, anyway, you CANNOT TARGET BELLY FAT i have an article on my blog just for that..

    you need to do some cardio (jumping jacks, running) and some resistance training (weights) and you will lose fat.

    eat good, and 5 to 6 times a day. your metabolism will rev up because of the working out and eating frequently.. and please don’t eat the fast food garbage… check out my blog.

  5. JR said :

    Do away with sit ups and crunches. They only hurt your neck and barely work. Consider intense cardio.

  6. Me? said :

    buy some running shoes and try to fun a few miles a week. like a mile and a half a day 3 days a week. and do crunches and sit ups.

    I would set rules for myself about what food i should stay away from.

  7. AvidGamer0518 said :

    RUN. the only proven way to lose weight. push yourself but know your limits and youll get an amazing workout with similar results


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