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How do I lose fat in my upper arm area within two weeks?

I want to get rid of fat from my upper arms what exercises for my arms do you suggest i should do? Can you recommend a fast way to lose it in 2 weeks? Don’t suggest any medications please
btw, this is to future mrs, there are way syou could lose weight fast! It doesnt take that long. There is this one ab machine i have and if you do four minutes of it evryday then you can get toned abs in like 2 or 3 weeks! so IT IS POSSIBLE!

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2 Responses to “How do I lose fat in my upper arm area within two weeks?”

  1. katana b said :

    drink alot of water and dumb bells

  2. Future Mrs. said :

    Why do people think there is always a quick fix to weightloss? There is no way to loose weight quickly in just your arms in two weeks. It’s amazing how uneducated people are in the fitness and weight loss arena. You can NOT choose where you loose weight from, if you work out you loose all over, not just in one isolated area. You will not, will never, and cannot just loose in your arm area and especially never in just two weeks. EVER! Go to the gym, work out do cardio, eat right, drink lots of water, lift weights and over time..lots of time your arms will shrink and the weights will tone the muscle..than ta da no more fat arms. Get a clue.


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