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How can i lose weight without straining my wound?

I’ve recently undergone an operation over my abdominal area. I really want to lose weight for the preparation of my wedding this coming January 2008. Is there any diet program you could recommend? Thanks!

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2 Responses to “How can i lose weight without straining my wound?”

  1. brookethestylist said :

    Just diet, dont try to exercise..Here is a diet sequence weightlifters use to cut weight quick
    Carbs 50%
    Protein 35%
    Fat 15%
    As far as the number of calories go, maybe just drop a few hundred off of what you normally eat. If you drop too many calories you might become more susceptible to infection from your surgery while you are recovering.

  2. The mom said :

    Your doctor should be able to advise you on what exercises would be permissable at this point without endangering your health. Otherwise, a sensible low calorie diet and walking should help you lose some weight. You don’t say how much you want to lose, but if you are looking at less than 10 pounds, it should be doable. More than that would be pushing things. Besides, I’m sure you will still be a beautiful bride, and your fiance is marrying you for love, not your weight.


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