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How can i lose weight quickly (I’m 15)?

Is there a way to lose weight quickly ?? Anything appreciated from food and all that ect ect.

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11 Responses to “How can i lose weight quickly (I’m 15)?”

  1. Megan L said :


  2. Nather said :

    just eat healthy and excersise thats the best and main way to lose weight but dont skip meals

  3. ephemeral said :

    I know that a lot of people are going to shake their heads at me but you ask and I’ll answer.

    Try the banana diet. My grandma is Japanese, she taught me that. Bananas, milks, nuts, and loads of H20. Just 5 days and you’ll like 5 pounds.

    Good luck.

    (But don’t do that for more than 7 days.)

  4. money macker said :

    drink lots of water
    their are foods such as apples that speed up the burning of fat
    green tea!
    good diet
    laxatives(makes you lose weight through going to the bathroom)

  5. Carla J said :

    Exercise and eating healthy is the best way!

  6. Isobel said :

    ride a bike. walk for half an hour twice a day. swim. play games with friends. go on a no carb diet. dont stop eating tho.

    ummm lots of water and excercise and no junk food

  7. Ken said :

    play a sport, be active, don’t eat a lot of burgers

  8. Anna A said :

    *drink a lot of water
    *eat 3 times a day(not greasy food)

  9. zooyork97531 said :

    my answer would be to join a gym or watch what you eat no snacks only three meals and maybe eat a big lunch and eat a small diner so that you can burn the carbs before going to sleep

  10. shaoween232 said :

    how quickly do you want? Is this only for a special occasion? You can always starve yourself until you are skin and bones but if you want to keep your weight down, I suggest eating healthy and exercising. quit those junk foods and eat less fried stuff or things with a lot of oil. exercise, exercise, EXERCISE! walk around the park everyday. Walking is very good exercise. Don’t start with jogging right away because your body is not used to it. also do some squats and weight exercises.

  11. fullyflared said :

    simple just be active and eat right don’t believe any of that lose weight in a week stuff because it doesn’t work the only way to do it is the common sense way

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