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How can I lose weight from only my stomach and nowhere else?

I am tall and thin, but have too fat a belly for my weight. I do not want to lose weight, and am actually trying to gain weight. However, my belly is also expanding as I do this. How can I lose weight in only my stomach and no where else? I have tried exercises targeted for the tummy, but was told I need to burn/melt off the fat first using cardio so the toned muscles will show. How do I melt away the pounds from only my stomach?

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6 Responses to “How can I lose weight from only my stomach and nowhere else?”

  1. love helper said :

    do alot of situps like 100-200 a day and u should see results in a bout a month or so

  2. dP said :


    its as simple as that

  3. sefton92 said :

    theres no such thing as spot reducing (burning fat from one part of the body only)

    if you want to lose weight i suggest you cut down on junk food and fizzy drinks in your diet and eventually cut these out. You could also try eating less carbs as these supply vast amounts of energy that is slowly released and if this energy is not used up you will put on weight. I would also advise you not to eat late as this means our body’s store more of the energy as fat as we don’t use that much energy when sleeping.

    You should be aiming to get at least 1 hour of cardio a day so i would say to do some running, swimming or cycling. If you chose to cycle then try to stand up while cycling as this tones the thighs more.

    Another way to help you lose weight quicker is to boost your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day. A good way to boost your metabolism is to get more muscle mass to body fat, to do this do sit-ups, crunches and press-ups if you want get a set of weights and follow the instructions that should come with them. At first you may put on weight as muscle weighs more than fat but keep to it and you’ll look better, Another way is to exercise in the morning as this boosts the metabolism and this falls very slowly which will mean you’ll burn more calories throughout the day.

    Hope this helped and good luck

  4. Cindy said :

    Do sit-ups everyday, if you can, morning and night. Avoid going to bed after meal.

  5. lv_consultant said :

    no such thing as spot reduction through exercise or diet. body fat is lost from all over the body not from a localized area. abdominal training will only strengthen the muscles it has absolutely no effect on fat loss in that area.

    to lose stomach fat you need to decrease your body fat percentage until you see the desired results in your problem area(s).

  6. fevb said :

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