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How can I lose weight fast and in a healthy way?

I weight 220 pounds, Im 16 years old and I really need to lose a lot of weight. Because of my weight, I have high blood pressure. And I really dont fit in in my school. That I really dont care, I just want to lose weight so that I can be healthy and be able to live a long life. I want to see my children grow, I know its a lil early to think about that but I do want to live. So please help! Thank you very much!

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12 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast and in a healthy way?”

  1. It's Becki... said :

    Eat right, excersise, and not so much junk food.

  2. me said :

    eat more salads, try doing some running. Running works better than basically anything.

  3. Miss Glamour said :

    good, ol’ Healthy Exercise, and watch what you eat.
    Try watching denise austin every morning! and fitTV. i do, and i LOVE it.=]

  4. I _<3_me said :

    try running everyday and eating healthy no sweets for a month or something but remember the running u dont just want 2 loose weight but u should also want some muscle it also helps because muscle takes over fat

  5. poohbeark19 said :

    Oh well if you are serious and are willing to spend a little money contact me by email or im [email protected]. I have been on a program that really helps. You are garenteed to lose 2-5lbs a week.

  6. psylockegurl said :

    well because you’re so young the easiest thing is drink water, nothing else, no pop, juice, coffee, ANYTHING! just water! in the first four days you will put on water weight, and then you will drop pounds quick. plus you will feel much healthier, not get winded, skin will be awesome, etc… I did this back when I was 16 and lost 15 pounds within 10 days!

  7. Heather said :

    It’s hard to lose weight really fast in a healthy weigh. But there are alot of diets out there that you can follow.
    The best bet may be eating 5 or 6 *small* meals a day, this will keep your metabolism going.Cut back on your sugar intake, even in eating very sweet fruits and veggies(peas, corn, carrots, most fruit). Bananas are good to eat since they have a lower amount of sugar compared to most fruit.
    Don’t forget to consider what you are drinking too! Cut out soft drinks from your diet, or any other high sugar drink. Try just drinking tea, its really good for you. And drink lots and lots of water!!!
    Also try walking a mile or two a day to start out with, then bump it up to jogging. There are alot of work out videos out there too that can help, maybe some “intense” walking videos would be good where you do a bit more than just walking in place.
    Good luck with losing weight! I know it can be very hard sometimes but just keep your mind too it and you can accomplish alot.

  8. Me said :

    I really recommend you go and ask for an appointment with a doctor first to see if your thing is an over eating issue…maybe you have an illness that keeps you from loosing weight. Once you have the results i am sure he will recommend you to see a nutritionist…and this one is going to tell you to work out…sign up into the gym…with the diet you will have and the good exercise you will get what you want…but try to keep it real!…you never will reach something in a fast way…everything takes work and time….just be persistent and most of all enjoy what you are doing. One way of keep in your diet and keep working out…is keeping yourself busy…go out with friends…go for walk…to the library…volunteer jobs…Don’t stay at home sitting in front of the TV…that will make you “hungry” and then you will munch on snacks! 😉 Maybe your best friend can also do all this thing with you…company is the best motivation to loose weight! 🙂 Good luck i wish you the best! and really…i admire that you have taken the decision to be stay healthy! 🙂 that’s important.

  9. Rich said :

    Well think about it. you didn’t gain that 220 over night. it took time to pack it on so it is going to take time and effort on your part to get it off.

    Diet and exercise are the key. Contact a doctor and make sure you have no medical problems that may be causing some of the weight like a Thyroid problem.

    You have to get out of that chair and away from the front of that computer to get the exercise. See if you can find someone to work out with you so you are not so on your own with it. Stay way from Carbohydrates like bread and breaded foods French fries and heavy starchy foods. Your blood pressure will come down some when your weight comes down but you should probable be on some meds to control your blood pressure while you lose the weight.

    Walking is damn good exercise and its free. Vegetables are your friend but once again not the starchy ones and not macaroni and cheese which I for one think is one of the best inventions in the culinary world. Drink a lot of water while you diet. it will help keep you hydrated and a little fuller. Carrot sticks and celery sticks and some fat free ranch dressing are tasty treats and make a good healthy snack for in between meals and an apple a day goes a long way. Don’t forget to eat breakfast. Cantaloupe and low fat yogurt are great and strawberries and yogurt are wonderful too. A hand full of blueberries and a small bowl of raisin bran with skim milk or yogurt and raisins or strawberries is another good choice but cereal has carbs and if you want to lose weight you can’t pig out on the cereal.

    Remember, you have to decide to lose the weight and no one can do it for you. They can do it with you but not for you.

    Good luck and Happy dieting!!

  10. free2praise76 said :

    First start off by cutting down on all junk food. Drink a lot of water, at least 100 oz per day and check out sme support websites like, and bootcamp buddies.

    Good for you. I was 240 and found out that I had high blood pressure, when I lost the 40, my blood pressure was under control. So even a small weight loss can make you healthier.

    Also start any kind of exercise, walking, bike riding, yoga, whatever.

    You can do it!!!!

  11. pretty7 said :

    This plan is a safe and healthy way to loose weight so here goes,
    If you are serious about losing weight, the calories in the food you eat should be less than the energy you use. You will have to increase your metabolic rate now, and plan your diet carefully.
    Formulate your own weight loss plan and you will lose weight faster. More details available at

    Good luck

  12. rubeeg2002 said :

    sorry bout that. i don expect u 2 start jogging or running at that size. I would like to help u walk lighter on ur feet if i may.
    u will find ur blood pressure down n off medication down the road. What is ur height now? I will be ur personal coach tillu lose the bulk and I will see it that u fit in your school in no time. I’m in Malaysia n my personal coach is in Auckland NZ. The programme is very affordable but since ur stll schooling do let me know ur country of residence n also ur contact no. Drop me a mail at [email protected] fill me in on the details requested.
    take care


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