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How can i lose weight fast?

ok so i am well over 100 pounds over weight , I am looking to lose this weight fast cause i need to lower my blood pressure and cholestorol and i would like suggestions on how to do it .
should i do a liquid diet ? has anyone tried that ?
im 26 female
thanks guys . and i know that its not healthy to lose fast but im already not healthy so..

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9 Responses to “How can i lose weight fast?”

  1. Alison said :

    diet and exercise.

  2. A D said :

    a protein diet does wonder. (like south beach or the low carb) I lost weight way fast (like 20 pounds in a month and didnt do anythign else) but i just cant stick to it. i love my pop!

  3. Forest said :

    Hey there –

    I think you’re right, losing weight fast isn’t the healthiest thing, but neither is being 100 pounds overweight.

    What you need is a sensible, low calorie diet that at least gives you the nutrients you need – I personally think a liquid diet would be a bad idea (I’m a personal trainer, by the way).

    Also, it’s going to be essential that you work out, and that you have a plan to get you where you want to go.

  4. Douglas said :

    Hi! I’m glad you are determined to lose weight, good job! Determination is half the success 🙂

    Now, I have the same problem as you few years back.
    The first thing you should know : DO NOT GO ON A DIET

    It does not work! It’ll only make you gain more weight. Trust me, it’s proven all over the world

    Foods that are high in sugar or fats should not be taken at all!
    examples: fast food, chips, sweets, canned drinks.

    take a look at this pyramid:

    Take food which only belong to the Bread, Cereal group, Vegetable group, and Fruits group
    Meat eggs and milk yoghurt group can be taken, but not all the time. Probably 4 times a week.


    Number three: EAT LESS, EAT MORE TIMES
    you can eat up to 5-6 meals a day, BUT each meal is a small amount.
    Eat less in quantity, more in frequency. This is very very effective.

    this pills are very very damaging to your health, please do not take them!

    a good food that helps you lower your BP is GRREN APPLE JUICE
    but remember, do not take in large amounts on a regular basis, it can cause dizziness.
    take about 3 times a week, a cup full will do.

    this is a BIG NO NO. your body is not capable of processing your food properly while you are asleep. they will turn into fats.

    Number six: EXERCISE
    exercise at least 4 times a week, at least 60 minutes per time

    suitable exercises:

    instead of spending money on useless slimming pills, you can hire a personal trainer to set your exercising schedule and monitor you.

    Number seven: BE DETERMINED
    BE DETERMINED! do not cave into temptation when you see fast food, chips, cookies, sweets, etc etc. Do not touch them! Always persevere to the end!

    Psychology plays a big part too. You’ll be more efficient with moral support from friends or families. You’ll be motivated to do better 🙂

    Stick to the eight steps strictly and you’ll notice results in no time, lady 🙂
    Remember, determination is half the success! You’ve already succeed half-way! Do not give up and keep on persevere till the end 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. Leocadie said :

    Most people would tell you diet and exercise more. Well I’ve got a way you can lose 40 pounds in 2 months. Want to know why!

    1. Set Up Realistic Weight Loss Goals.
    Don’t set a weird goal like 10 pound a day no.

    2. Drink Plenty of Water.
    Drink about 6-8 glass of water per day.

    3. Chew More Slowly when You Eat.
    If you eat 5 smaller a day you will accomplish your goal, but pleas don’t eat three enormous meal. That would actual get you fatter.

    4. Exercise at least 30 minuets per day.
    Pleas stay away from pills they could kill you, some pills could help but there is a few that do help. If you follow this correctly you will achieve your weight goal.

  6. Jewell said :

    I would like to recommend you my weight loss program that works fast. I find correct weight loss program and applied the program, then I lost weight easy. You should have the program that works. You can find the best program weight loss that worked for me and lost 11 pounds after 4 weeks. You can find more info at link below.

  7. Sterling said :

    I was trying to lose some weight before spring break amd I stumbled accross the website below. I lost 23 lbs in 4 1/2 weeks and felt great in my swimsuit. Check it out if you want something that really works.

  8. LW said :

    I am also 100lbs over weight at 27 years old. I started going to a weight loss doctor and she put me on diethylpropion and a liquid diet with replacement shakes every 3 hours 5 times a day (high protein shakes) for a week then I go to a controlled carb (8 oz of meat and vegies). I have been on it for 4 days and already lost 5 lbs. If you want to go this route you may want to call ur doctor because you must be supervised. Good Luck!

  9. how to reduce weight said :

    Thanks a lot for the superb insight. I have been dieting for a long time now and have been having a frustrating experience. Your blog post has motivated myself again on my weightloss goal.

  10. Bill Runyan said :

    I personally think the fastest way to lose weight is to cut about 500 calories out of your daily diet and then get as much aerobic exercise as you can. To keep from hurting yourself, mix up the exercises so you don’t keep hitting the same muscle group the same way over and over.


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