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How can I lose weight by doing home exercises?

I used to smoke for about 13 years now and finally decided to quit.

Now I want to be able to get my lungs back and also shed a few pounds. The problem is that I do not have access to a gym and my home is very confined to where I cant buy a weight set. What kinds of home exercises I can do to lose say 5-10 pounds?
I am 30yrs old 5ft 7in 167lbs medium frame

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16 Responses to “How can I lose weight by doing home exercises?”

  1. J fresh said :

    lay down, but prop yourself up for one minute on each forearm at a time. it burns like crazy but it’s worth it

  2. beatle said :

    LOL. your fat.

  3. Mr.Todd!12 said :

    i dont know danc run around your house do some jumping jacks whatever you want

  4. followthelove said :

    cardio!!! u can rent cardio dvds at the library.

  5. jane c said :

    with videos / dvds of exercising =]

  6. Darkcloud said :

    Eat less and walk.

  7. Thomas said :

    I think jogging would also help.

  8. samharvie said :

    omg that guy is rude….but this is what i do i do pilates and crunches with my legs in the air

  9. yeahyeahyeah said :

    Run! Doing repetitive cardio exercises is the only excersise that will actually lose you weight. Doing pushups/situps is great, but builds muscle, and doesn’t really use up your fat. Run/walk/jog for like 45 min a day and eat healthy. You will probably lose weight just by not smoking too.

  10. Pregunton said :

    First of all go on a fat free diet, there are many exercises you can do at your home. sit ups, push ups, aerobics. run in place, jumping jacks, Pilate’s, do yard work, clean around the house, walk around your block a few times, go to the nearest high school track and power walk or jog slowly…im sure there are more..good luck

  11. Lakely said :

    Do Yoga, eat the type of foods that will reduce cravings and perhaps get in some walking if you can…. and have you heard? Good sleep helps people lose weight.

    Get free info on how to do the Yoga.. and how to eat the foods that will reduce food cravings here… in the research section.

  12. lvbg1006 said :

    I bought a bean a few weeks ago…it is like an exercise ball but it is literally shaped like a bean, it helps with doing crunches because it takes the pressure off of you neck…they also have a lot of other exercises as well for you bum, legs and such…but i really like it and it is not too strenuous.

  13. k.g said :

    jump rope will work great. you legs contain most of your fat so it be really fast result and you will have strong legs to.

  14. jb12 said :

    Pushups, situps and pullups will do for upper body workout. Start with 3 sets of ten each twice a day. Add five to each set every week until you can do 50 of each. For lower body , lunges and squats will do but are more efficient with some sort of weight. You can even use milk jugs filled with water to start. Look into select-tech dumbbells. They’re expensive but really save on space. Good luck

  15. Victor A said :

    well you can go for a run around were you live and you can do sit ups and push ups. remember that you may loose fat but not weight because muscle weighs more than fat. when i used to work out there was a time when i looked thiner but had the same amount of weight due to muscle weight.

  16. deirdre j said :

    walk everywhere you can

    brisk walk for an hour a day and every other time you can


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