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How can i lose some of my tummy fat?

i am a 12 year old boy turning 13 in july and i want to lose the tummy fat i have. i want to know what excercises i can do to help me lose it and possobily get some muscles where the fat is. any suggestion is good
p.s i currrently weight 110lb i read that you have to have only a certain percentage of fat in order to get muscle so.. yeah

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One Response to “How can i lose some of my tummy fat?”

  1. heyxhannah said :

    simple running can do the trick, jogging, jump rope, walking, you can do different type of crunches to get a little bit of a 6 pack

    but remember you’re only 13 and you need to have fun and not worry about what you look like, wait until you’re older to do that! :]

    ohyea. My birthdays in July too. :] July 16. Happy almost birthday!


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