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Need to lose some fat around thighs?

I would like to lose some fat around my thighs and tummy by Thursday if possible. I’m a size 1 in jeans, but I would like to be a size 0. I want to do this in a sort of healthy way, no throwing up or not eating a thing until then. I don’t mind skipping a meal or snack or cutting meals in half or whatever. Just nothing too extreme. I will also exercise everyday. Nothing negative please! Nice answers are always appreciated =)

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2 Responses to “Need to lose some fat around thighs?”

  1. Dream Achiever said :

    There are only two ways people lose weight. Eating less and rigorous exercise. I hope this helps.

  2. Mark B said :

    First, you can’t lose fat in a certain area of your body. For example, doing leg exercises won’t help you drop fat in your legs. So trying to lose weight in your tummy and thighs by Thursday won’t happen.

    Second, if you’re a size 1 you shouldn’t be worrying about losing weight. Not trying to be negative, but if you think you need to drop from a 1 to a 0, you should stop reading fashion magazines and talk to a therapist. Seriously, I’m not being negative…


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