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How can I lose my belly fat fast and any way possible?

Even starvation, I really need to lose this fat fast because I only have a month till school ends so yeah and then my boyfriend is going to see me…,,, lol so yeah pleease no judgements about this., I just want to get lose this belly chub. Like I have been calorie counting and eating less, working out for the past week and ya making an effort, but even In high school when I did swim team I still had a belly chub 🙁 so ya hmm.,, something more than just eating less and exercising I guess., any suggestions?

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2 Responses to “How can I lose my belly fat fast and any way possible?”

  1. Lee said :

    do 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups twice a day, in at least 3 days you’ll see a difference

  2. Nate said :

    It’s not so much a judgment as I would be concerned with your well being. A couple weeks is not going to lose your belly fat. Starving yourself would only lower your metabolism and your body would want to retain fat.

    Don’t worry what your boyfriend thinks, if he breaks up over a little belly fat he doesn’t deserve you.

    When you are ready look up a healthy diet and progressive exercise to lose the weight you want. Cardio and a healthy diet is all you need. Best of luck and I’m sure your boyfriend will understand. These things take time.


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