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I have only belly fat, How can I lose it FAST!?

Okay I know that you cant lose weight in just a targeted place. Im pretty slim but I want to make my stomach completely flat, because I get bloated a-lot, so it wont look sticking out as much, (Im working on the bloated thing) The only really fat I gotta lose is just in my stomach and maybe in my thighs because Im thin everywhere else. No pills please? I bought whole bunch of skinny jeans for the school year so my goal is to lose 2-5 pounds. Its a lot and harder to lose it because the thinner you are, the harder you will lose weight.

Thanks a wholllleee bunch 🙂

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2 Responses to “I have only belly fat, How can I lose it FAST!?”

  1. 4863 said :

    Jump ROPEs and shit like that.

  2. Buddy said :

    Sit ups and upper leg work.


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