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how can a teen lose his belly fat fast?

im 15, male. I jus got belly fat and love handles, thats all i wanna lose. I dont realy wanna run, coz its so damn boring. I gotta huge hill behind me, if that helps, i dont mind going on that. I also got dumbbells at home, light medium and heavy. So, please answer me specifically, what should i do on a daily and weekyl basis to lose my belly fat and love handles fast? I want have some nice, toned abs instead, but dunno how. What must i do in order to rid of that fat before september first?

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One Response to “how can a teen lose his belly fat fast?”

  1. Ashley said :

    uhh, i hate to breck it to you, but lifting weights will not help you get rid of belly fat. Jogging every single day and drinking lots of water will. And stop eating greasy stuff like hamburgers and hot dogs. And if running and walking is boring, bring an ipod with upbeat music to modivate you! THEN, after your belly fat is gone, should you start aiming towards abs. 🙂


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