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how can a teen guy lose his belly fat fast?

15, male., i got quite a bit of belly at and love handles, i really wanna lose it fast. I just joined a gym, i;ll go every second day, what exercises should i do there to get skinny? secondly, i have a hill behind my house, its massive, how should i use it everyday? my goal is to lose all my fat and be skinny over the remaining summer, because i want to look hot for my new school, but, please tell me what i should do in order to make this goal happen, but, do yuo think it can happen?

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3 Responses to “how can a teen guy lose his belly fat fast?”

  1. K-Dawg said :

    if you run 30 minutes a day for 30 days you will lose like 5 pounds during the whole summer but if you cut 400-500 calories out of your meal everyday you will lose another 5 so that’s ten right there and if you weight lift on top of all of that you might lose a lot and also look more ripped

  2. bo said :

    jogging on the treadmill is the best workout you can get.. you will loose weight proportinately by jogging.. DONT WALK FAST, BUT JOG..loosing weight is not easy but you are young so you will loose it fast if you EAT PROPER FOOD, DONT BE LAZY, GO JOGGING EVERYDAY. dont workout on weights or too much on trying to have abs or biceps when you have fat… or else the fat on your body will turn into muscle and it WILL NOT BURN.. you have to sweat a lot, and get tired at the end of your jogging session/workout session..then you know you will reach your goal. make a plan.what you will eat.. is it healthy? how many times you will workout a week? how many minutes? etc etc.and DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

  3. Tammy said :

    Yes, it can happen. My bro tried this and his gf said he lost about 12 lbs in a month, most around waist area. No need to run treadmill…check it out:


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