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Ways to lose belly fat fast for a teen?

I’m thirteen years old, weigh 140 pounds, and am 5’3″. I really don’t look 140 pounds, (more like 120) but I just have this belly that’s been there for as long as I can remember. I had really buff legs because of playing lots of soccer, but this belly is driving me insane! It’s not very big, maybe 3-5 pounds of extra weight, and I would love to get rid of it before August 5th.

I’ve heard of HIIT, and tried it for the first time today for 20 minutes, and I was wondering if it would be more effective than just regular jogging/running for 30 minutes.

I’m a vegetarian, (because of my culture), and I don’t eat that much in a day. I have a pretty good diet with protein, fruits, and veggies.

Anyone have some suggestions of how to lose the belly? (The quicker the better) 🙂

I run everyday for 30 minutes, and maybe consume around 1500 everyday.

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4 Responses to “Ways to lose belly fat fast for a teen?”

  1. Michael said :

    drink light beer, that full flavor stuff like bud and pabst have like 150 calories a can… but damn is it good

  2. >..< said :

    Hi there! ill give you some exercises you should try. you should try to get a Pilate’s dvd and do 30 minutes of it 5-6 days a week. Pilate’s strengthens you and flattens you stomach. i do it and it is amazing! there are other choices too. you could join a gym. make sure you weight train too, because muscle burns more calories than fat. so work out with even 5 pound weights 20 minutes 3x a week then go up from there. Make sure you drink plenty of water too! Many people mistake thirst for hunger. So if you just ate not long ago and you feel hungry, chug down a bottle or glass of water and you ll feel full. what i also do is chew minty gum. it tastes good and its only 5 calories. choose a stick of gum rather than a sandwich and save 300 calories. the key is to burn more calories that you eat. I hope i helped you and if you want to be weight loss buddies i would love to! just email me!

  3. Wyan said :

    count your calories
    do your cardio
    do your homework

    once you do all of that
    remember it takes time

  4. Josh P. said :


    I think i found your problem, you don’t eat often enough. Try to have several small meals a day, it will help increase your metabolism.

    Because you don’t eat often, what you are doing to your body is putting it into starvation mode, which makes your body convert all the food you into fat.

    Not only does eating several small meals a day make you feel fuller and increase your metabolism, it will also make you feel more energetic, so you can play soccer even better.


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