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How can I lose belly fat, thigh fat and arm fat from exercising but not involving an equipment?

Basically I have a lot of extra time and i want to lose all this fat i have on my amrs, thighs and belly but i dont want to diet crazy and i dont want to pay a lot. Anyone have good training ideas and tips? Somethng you can easily do at home without any type of equipment.

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7 Responses to “How can I lose belly fat, thigh fat and arm fat from exercising but not involving an equipment?”

  1. heathers74 said :

    Pilate’s!!! A great dvd is” Pilate’s for dummies”….it explains everything!

  2. dave said :

    Any cardio exercising that brings up the heart rate is great for loosing weight. I would also do some push ups and sit ups to tone those areas up as well. Loosing weight is easy. The trick is to keep it off and that has everything to do with both diet and exercise! The key here is to eat sensible. You do not have to “diet” as statistics show that diets have a very low long term success rate. Instead just eat the right foods such as whole foods and less processed foods. It is also important to eat balanced meals as well. With all the food groups. If you eat proper your body functions better. You will have more energy and you will feel great.

  3. Edward said :

    eat cheetos

  4. First time mummy! said :

    m trying to do the exact same thing! I bought a Pilate’s dvd and mat so tonight im starting with that! I also bought an exercise ball that came with a little dvd workout, so i used that last night the first time. So i’ve been told to try and do it 3-4times a week, and go for walks with baby everyday! (going to go in an hour after i feed my little darling! :-D)

    Good luck, if you find a better method please let me know!! 😀

  5. Natalie said :
  6. Diet Expert said :

    If you are looking for the best way to lose belly fat. I suggest doing what this mom did

    Combining acai and cleanse to get the best diet result

    Hope this help,

  7. Lanelle Menotti said :

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