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Can you lose thigh fat from walking fast?

Ive been walking fast on the treadmill for a week burning 800-1000 calories and all that seems to be happening is my calves getting more muscle, but my thighs are in bad shape….will the thigh fat eventually leave or will i have to use another method to get rid of my thighs?

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6 Responses to “Can you lose thigh fat from walking fast?”

  1. . said :


  2. Sara said :

    Yes, you will lose fat.

  3. Alex S said :

    You’ll eventually lose the thigh fat but there’s very likely fat being burned from somewhere else on your body first. A week is a little early to tell anyways. I bet you feel a lot better though =)

  4. Run Like You Stole Something said :

    you will lose some fat, but if you only have fat on the inside of your thighs…. well for some reason that is more stubborn 😛

  5. realitytvkindaperson said :

    i think you can

  6. ✰BWD✰ said :

    Start doing lunges and squats. You need to force the muscles to work harder than they are used to to burn the fat and get muscle, and at the same time you have to keep changing your exercises because the muscles adapt to whatever workout your throw at them. Stretching is important, or by the third day your legs will hurt. Drink water.


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