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How can i lose arm fat fast?

I run for 30 minutes everyday (and of course, i try to get some rest) and i eat a healthy diet, but i feel like my arms are not getting smaller at all. i know you can’t lose weight in one particular area. i just wanna have some way to tone my arm up.
i have one 20 pound dumbbell and two 4 pound dumbbells. i seem to really like the tricep dip, though. what sort of exercises could i do, and how many should i do a day,week, etc?

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3 Responses to “How can i lose arm fat fast?”

  1. sevyn said :

    push ups

  2. Josh G said :

    You can saw your arms off. Really,there’s way to reduce fat more in one area than another. You’ve just got to keep plugging along and you’ll get there.

  3. Ilya said :

    Biceps barchii (front of the upper arm): curls, incline curls (where you’re laying back at an incline, like in a recliner, let your arm hang straight down to the side, then curl), concentration curls (assume a squat and lean forward, elbow on the inner knee, then curl).

    Brachialis and brachioradialis (the side of the upper arm and the muscle at the top of the bend of the arm, between the forearm and the upper arm): hammer curls (curling with the hand up and down, not flat like in regular curls), Zottman curls (curl with the palm up, rotate the hand at the top, lower with the palm down, repeat).

    Triceps brachii: Overhead French presses (hold dumbbell straight overhead, lower behind the head, raise again, keeping the elbow up), skull crushers (lay on your back, dumbbells straight up, bend the elbow to bring the dumbbell to the forehead, repeat), diamonds (assume push-up position with hands together so that the space between the thumbs and index fingers form a diamond, lower, push yourself up), and, of course, dips are fantastic, but make sure to keep your upper body straight up and down, because there’s too much of a temptation to lean forward and involve the pecs and anterior (front) deltoids.

    As far as timing … I would do at least three sets of 10-15 for each, until you’re comfortable with it, then you can go up to five sets. Beyond this, you could perform everything in a circuit. Theoretically, you’re as recovered as you’re going to get within five minutes after you complete a weight bearing exercise, but keep the total system in mind (tendons). You could do this workout twice a week in the beginning, three times a week as you become comfortable with it, but I would advise against anything more than three times a week.

    Good luck to you. Keep going strong! 🙂


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