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how can I join a clinical slimming Study trial?

I have tried lots of slimming clubs to no avail.I took ionamin for 3 months and lost nearly 2 stone,I can’t afford to buy these privatley as yjey are no longer available in the uk,so I would like to join a clinical trial.Has anyone any idea how I can do this?
Please no silly answers like ask a clinical trial..If I knew where that info was I wouldn’t have asked the question!

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2 Responses to “how can I join a clinical slimming Study trial?”

  1. blackstuffguiness said :

    go to to a study trial and say ” can i join please”, that might be a start

  2. ChrisB said :


    search for the condition and your location:
    weight loss, united kingdom
    obesity, united kingdom

    below is the link to the searches I mention above:

    Good Luck


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