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does anyone know of a really good slimming pill for short term use?

really need to lose just another stone, need a boost to help me, i knoe they are not good long term but cant stop bloody eating at the moment…think ive got prada willy!!

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10 Responses to “does anyone know of a really good slimming pill for short term use?”

  1. a cool person. said :

    wouldnt rely on pills if i were u..
    try to exercise.
    its more natural.

  2. [email protected] said :

    people use epherdrine .not good for you though!!!!

  3. John R. M said :

    Ecstasy did it for me. Not sure if it was the pill itself or all the jumping around in the club I did it when I was high.

  4. BlueDog said :


  5. leavemebe_11 said :

    Yeah. It’s called walking.

  6. darren b said :

    amphetamine is good for slimmin as it shrinks the stomach

  7. spagetti7 said :

    Dexatrim h2o it is a pill that you dissolve in a bottle of water and you drink it when you feel like snacking. it also has a little caffine in it to give you energy and green tea and some other vitamins, i hate taking pills because i take a vitamin,asprin,garlic pill and i don’t want to take another pill so it is so convient to just drop the pill in water and drink it it tastes good too, like a fruit drink and it does curb your craving to snack and give you energy. i only need it around 8 oclock because i don’t eat after 6 oclock pm and i usually go to bed at 10 oclock pm so around 8 i get hungry. Good Luck!

  8. Foghorn said :

    There is no such thing as a slimming pill. If anything is marketed as such, it may speed up your metabolism briefly, which means you will lose a bit of weight rapidly, but it will only go on again.

    Read on as I make a few suggestions.

    Firstly, what is your body frame? Are you naturally thickset about the shouders, chest, waist and hips. If you are, then become used to the fact, and like your body, because you will never be able to be slim like the models one sees in magazines and in other medias. For example, look at me. I’m a bloke, aged 49, 5ft 7in in height, 52 inch chest, 42 inch waist. Weight is 15 stones. I do weights and was an amateur wrestler. I am never going to be “slim”. My bones, musculature etc are just too big.( and for the prurient among readers, broad shoulders and muscle do not make the male appendage any bigger!)

    The way to lose weight is as follows.

    1. Establish in yourself what shape you are able to be, not what shape fits in with your dreams.

    2. Establish what energy you need to get through the day. If you are working in manual labour, you will need 4000 calories, if you sit on your arse all day 2500 will do. If you have deal with frequent emergencies ( a squalling baby during the night, for example), then 3300 will be needed.

    3. Avoid junk food. Avoid microwaveable prepared food. Cook for yourself and those who live with you. Eat on the following guidelines –

    Main meals. 1 day fish, 1 day red meat, 1 day, white meat. This will ensure you get the haem and non haem iron that we all need, and also the proteins that the body cannot make up from vegetables ( for further inforamation, surf the web for amino acids). For the other 4 days, eat vegetarian. You will lose about 1 lb per week on this diet, so in a year you could lose 3 stone!

    If you like a traditional cooked breakfast, by all means have one twice per week, and look on it as a treat. However, grill (broil) your sausages and bacon, saute your potatoes and mushrooms in sunflower oil. Do not ignore the need for fats – they add satiety to meals and prevent one from overeating carbohydrates.

  9. shawLl said :

    yeah stop eating for short term

  10. liezl said :


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