Does Any one know of good slimming tablets?

I want too shift about 1 and a half stone was wondering if any one knew of slimming tablets that actually worked to help loose wait in a short time?

I hate exercise but will do it if I have to with tablets.

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10 Responses to “Does Any one know of good slimming tablets?”

  1. joy_angels said:

    You don’t really need to exercise in a gym- walk, dance, run.
    Exercise and diet is the best combination. Pills only cannot help you forever: they will help you to reduce some wweight and then yo-yo effect will appear. Pills are good (in my pinion) only to decrease your appetite at the beginning of dieting.
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  2. kelly f said:

    i found out about these through reading the sun! They worked for the woman involved in the story, however her marriage ended as a result because they gave her an incredibly high sex drive too and her husband couldn’t keep – consequently, she got the hump because he kept saying no and it resulted in a divorce! but she was losing on average a stone a month!
    Ive only been married a few months so I’m not taking that risk yet – but I’m itching to try them!

    Not necessarily the most sensible advice on weight loss – but i hope it answered your question!

  3. SUE said:

    There is no such thing as a good slimming tablet. Invariably, when you go off of them, and so many can kill you with complications you didn’t know you had, (do you really want that?) you will fairly quickly gain back whatever you lost, plus ten to twenty pounds to boot.

    Don’t do it, lower your calorie intake and raise your metabolism.

  4. Kevin H said:

    Try Fastin if your doctor will give it to you. But you really should be eating right and exercising. It is the only way.

  5. Lesley said:

    If you`re 21lbs overweight, it`s extremely unlikely you`d be able to get slimming pills on prescription (the only way you can be certain of what you`re paying for). There`s little point in me pointing out the dangers of many slimming pills, such as heart attacks, circulation problems, anxiety disorders, as I`m sure you`ll have heard it all before.
    You say you `hate` exercise, don`t look at it as exercise, and don`t make a big deal of it. Just get off the bus a stop earlier, don`t drive if it takes less than 20 minutes to walk, it`s not difficult to add exercise to your lifestyle if you think about it. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, drink more water,don`t add sugar to coffee and tea, switch to skimmed milk (or none at all) only eat when you`re hungry;it`s surprising how often people confuse hunger with thirst, and eat when it`s inappropriate .Try to have set meal times and don`t eat outwith them).
    It feels so much better to reach your target weight through willpower alone, rather than relying on pills to do it for you. I`m sure you`ll buy slimming pills if you really want to, and that`s entirely your choice. I hope you don`t, good luck, whatever you choose to do.

  6. majella h said:

    Just exercise

  7. Dyamond Girl said:

    I was a yo-yo dieter for years and after our 3rd child I was 15stone and 5ft 3 !! I discovered the best way to lose it and keep it off. Did you know that if you open up both your hands together palms facing upwards – well this is the actual size of your own stomach for your height – I’m NOT JOKING. Yes it was a bit of a shock to me too. I dont like the D word so I told everyone I was trying portion control for a while and everyone including me were amazed. We all over eat far too much pile our plates up but there is no need. I didn’t cut out anything, I just ate a very small portion of everything I wanted, chocolate, sausage & mash, wine, roast dinner but so long as it would fit into my 2 palms I’d enjoy it. Walking is an exercise, ironing, anything that involves releasing energy. It’s hard to retrain your plate size – go out buy a smaller plate and stick with it. People WILL notice and this will spur you on. You are denied anything either so you don’t feel as if you are on a “D”. My joints have improved, my skin tone, even my hair. If this was in a magazine I’d be saying yeah right but this is a genuine testimonial. If you have health issues, diabetes etc then do seek advice before doing it. Good luck

  8. Lindsey S said:

    Hi hun, I have tried everything to slim up and even slim tons off my body hehe. However you should look for all natural weight loss pills. I found proactol at and it has given me astonishing results. First to say, its all natural and is a fat absorber. Absorbs up to 28% of the fat you eat which is the best thing about it. Then its an appetite suppressant so it blocks food cravings. If you are looking to tone up a little bit, This is the one for you

  9. LOU C said:

    I agree with Sue, try to reduce your calorie intake. I find that if you spend time preparing fresh foods it makes you less hungry. And what you do eat is much better for you than fast or processed foods. Also try drinking a glass of water before each meal and sipping water after each mouthful. My best friend swears by weight watchers. She lost 1.5 stone in 16 weeks following their advice, after having her son. With a group like that you have the support of others too and don’t feel like your on your own, especially when you have a set back. Plus you get to make new friends.

  10. ~Anna~ said:

    I have taken Pentermine it worked pretty good just enought to boost my weight loss


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