Anyone know of a good online slimming club in Britain?

I don’t have the time to spend one whole evening a week standing in the queue for the scales at Slimming World or Weight Watchers. The people who run them are darlings, but the frustration at the slowness just puts my blood pressure up. Is the Tesco one just a marketing ploy to get you to buy more stuff? Anyone tried any others?

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5 Responses to “Anyone know of a good online slimming club in Britain?”

  1. aturningpoint4me said:

    Check this out

  2. SHARON S said:

    I’ve tried the Closer magazine on-line slimming and that is full of good tips etc and is affordable. Other than that Weight Watchers does on line slimming also.

  3. joannie said:

    I think weight watchers do online.

  4. G said:

    Tesco diets is not too bad – its the old ediets, but improved. You get customised menu plans, according to your likes & dislikes, and they do an exercise programme as well, but you do have to pay extra for that, or you can follow a weight watchers style diet if you want to, and you don’t have to shop at Tesco.

  5. Tigger is the best! said:

    Rosemary Conley on-line club, you have support on the end of the computer plus lots of joining goodies to help you.
    I have done both, her class & on line when like you couldn’t get to classes. Fantastic but you must be true to yourself & not cheat as you won’t have the ahhhh weigh in tonight feeling!
    Good luck in what ever you choose


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