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Does anyone know of any really good slimming pills or fat burners at the moment?

like reductil ect, where to get them and price? just an aid to help me slim, curb my appetite while i exercise.

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4 Responses to “Does anyone know of any really good slimming pills or fat burners at the moment?”

  1. sparklystarstereo said :

    idk I’ve used the green tea extract pills and they worked okay.

    a lot of diet pills make you really jittery so watch out!

    I think hoodia is pretty good I’ve heard a lot of good things about it

  2. Lauren said :

    Slimming pills don’t work, most of the weight you lose is water, and after you stop taking them you put the weight back on twice as quick. Also most of them contain a lot of caffeine and illegal substances so you could develop serious health issues. There are ‘Alli’ which stops your body from absorbing fat, they are good, reasonably priced, and legal. Also, you can get appetite suppressants from any chemist.

  3. Ragdoll31 said :

    There is one availble on prescription but you need to be in the criteria to recieve it. If you are seriously overweight or obese, see your doc and he might help. Its called Xenical and I am on it. Works great but you need to do exericise at the same time.

  4. Joe said :

    hydroxycut is a really good diet pill and they cost like $60 and you can get them at i think any drug store


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