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does anyone have any really good dieting tips?

and is it posible to loose a stone in a week if u eat nothing?

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9 Responses to “does anyone have any really good dieting tips?”

  1. donnabella said :

    the best tip to give you is excersize,it all depends on how heavy you are as to what you will lose in the first couple of weeks.

  2. purple195 said :

    eat fewer calories than you burn off

    that is a bombproof tip

    it is biologically impossible to lose 14lbs of fat in a week

    nearly all weight loss will be water

    and if you think starving yourself for a week is something worth considering then you must have psychological issues

  3. I'm Not bat mitzvahed yet said :

    go gluten free for a month 🙂 All the stuff you CAN eat is in health food stores/whole foods. trust me my moms allergic to wheat…

  4. kumala said :

    drink a glass of water before eating,makes you feel fuller.
    eat high fibre foods like all bran.dont not eat for a week it will make you ill,give you piles etc.excersice more and eat less especially fatty foods and sugary ones

  5. Pogtwa said :

    do you really really really want to lose weight? YES?
    Right, then listen to me. Drink nothing but water or green tea. Jog for 25 mins 4x a week. Eat no crap, everyone knows what'[s crap and not. That means no alcohol, crisps, chocolate or fried food. Do this for 2 weeks and it will fall off you. After 2 weeks, if you can stick to this e-mail me and I’ll change it for you. I guarantee that this works.

  6. Linda W said :

    Firstly the only way to keep weight off in the long run is to choose a diet you can live with – and going without any food isn’t something you can keep up.

    Eating a lot of veg really helps – it will fill you up, as it’s bulky, so you tend to eat a bit less of the more fattening foods. And it provides more variety, making your meals more interesting – think how many types of meat you can eat compared with how many veg you can eat. Don’t just live on veg. It is important to include all food groups – protein, carbohydrate fat to maintain good health.

    I really think that ‘going on a diet’ is the wrong path, as just about everyone does this for a few weeks or months and then slides back – you need to adapt your lifestyle permanently and include some treats and ways to enjoy eating and drinking out with others, otherwise you will find it harder to live with.

  7. Dr Frank said :

    Oh dear, you really haven’t a clue. This sort of starvation diet in the vain hope of losing lots of weight quickly is just doomed to disaster! . The problem with your question is that if you look in “search for questions” it comes up 30 times every day. I have had some criticism for repeatedly using the same answer, but since I am happy with my answer, and the questions are the same, I don’t see the issue with recycling the same answer.

    In practise for problems that came up on a regular basis we tended to use patient leaflets to avoid having to repeat ourselves this seemed a sensible use of resources. What follows is thus in effect me information leaflet.

    Weight loss and fitness is always a long term commitment and never a quick fix. If you really want to reduce your weight a bit, this is a complex regime, that should help, I would get a pencil to write it down, in case you forget any of the intricate details.

    Currently only using the criteria ‘lose weight’ there are 9,419 questions and answers on Answers already. Mis-spell it as ‘loose weight’ and you get another 2,633! ‘Weight loss’ will add another 1,883. ‘Too fat ‘ 15,515 and ‘overweight’ 2,692 and ‘over weight’ 26,269!!!!!.

    ‘Diet Pills’ gives 607, Hoodia 195, ‘pink patch’ 119, ‘Xenical’ 91 ‘Reductil’ 78, ‘Slim fast’ 215 (and Slimfast 69 ), lipotrim 44 and ‘orlistat’ 40 . Do you spot a pattern here? OMG that is 60,000 questions with the same basic theme, wanting to lose weight!

    Here comes the only answer, no tricks, no pills, no short cuts, If you really want to lose weight, loose weight, not be too fat or overweight, follow these instructions carefully:-

    1) Eat less
    2) Take regular vigorous exercise

    Repeat 1 + 2 forever

  8. bunny_boo said :

    well eat loads of veg fruit and drink loads of water.but no u shouldn’t lose a stone in a week cause it caurses weight rebond trym loseing a pound a week

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