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Can anyone guide me to a website where they offer good dieting tips?

I have a lifestyle when I am on the road a lot and I end up eating out from petrol stations and sometimes I am just not sure what is healthy and what is not. I am trying to lose weight in 6 months, in time for my wedding and I really could use some help!

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7 Responses to “Can anyone guide me to a website where they offer good dieting tips?”

  1. dylan6102 said :

    try out it worked for me.i lost 5 lbs in first has been 5 months now and i have lost 35 pounds!just by eating better.i seriously recomend it.

  2. imparicial said :

    buy mens’ health magazine. I get tons of recipies from there, quick and easy to make, not to mention healthy.

  3. buttercup said :

    yes try slimming world lots of good stuff to eat and really good diet if you can call it that good luck

  4. Lupe H said :

    SPARKPEOPLE.COM has great tips and suggestions. Membership is free. I have learned a thing or two from the site. Hope it helps. Best wishes!

  5. arce said :

    Hello, I have been on several diets from Herbalife to Xenadrine, you name it!!! I met a lady at the mall several months ago, and we became good friends…She told me about Access bars and shakes, (good pricess!!) they are meal substitutes and energy bars!! You take them just before exercising and they are GREAT!!! I have lost 40 lbs, started exercising back in Oct 2007!! I have 3 kids and I am so happy at the weight am at!!! You must exercise like 30 min a day and eat healthy!! I totally gave up soda and drink Green Tea and water!! I hate to drink water but I put lemon juice and its good!!! (by the way you can buy these bars and shakes at, you must enroll as a member!!! they have a special this month $15.00 to enroll, normally its $30 its 1/2 off, plus they sell other great products like vitamins which I take daily CellWise, only $14)Check out the website!! email me if you have any ???SSS [email protected]

  6. SadBrownEyes said :

    I recently found this website and if I remember correctly someone here recommended it
    It’s very customized to your need ~ it even gives you meal plans and stuff. The best part is it’s FREE~ give it a try.
    Good luck

  7. happibunnyv said :

    I do not know of a good website offhand, but might I offer some advice? I would assume it is difficult to find much that is healthy to eat at a gas station! Just stick with anything that looks fresh-made, like sandwiches or wraps or salads, and stay away from too much processed food-in-a-bag. Reduce high-fructose corn syrup. If you’re tired, drink coffee instead of Colas…those colas are terrible for your overall health! Also, don’t forget to get out and walk each time you stop: park farther away than you usually would and stretch your legs. Remember that every bit of exercise helps!

    And the person you will be marrying ALREADY loves you, so don’t worry too much. You don’t need the added stress! Just try to think of it as “what food choices can I make that let me FEEL better?”, not “How can I lose weight?”, and that will keep you grounded.

    And don’t forget to drink more water!

    and Congratulations!!!!


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