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Do slimming products actually work?

I’d like too loose a few stone as after having my daughter I have always struggled with my weight, so I am following a sensible eating plan (smaller portions, 3 meals, no snacking etc etc) and doing 20/30 mins of exercise a day, and Im wondering if to try slimming products like Alibi, Adios, Eca 30+ etc etc… If they actually work and are worth the money!

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6 Responses to “Do slimming products actually work?”

  1. Steven C said :

    All they do is speed you up and make you lose your appetite, so sure it would work.. I think you should stick with what you’re doing now and see if that works first, up to you though. 🙂

  2. JON said :

    Yes they are. However, they can can cause some side effects. Itchy skin, depression, and a few more. I think you should carry on with out your doing and you will soon get the body you want.
    Good luck

  3. Josh said :

    Do not trust any product that claims you will lose weight, I am in college and I actually took a course about psychology…basically what happens when they make weight loss products the product usually contains 1 out of 36 of the components necessary for effective weight loss. And if you notice, on almost every weight loss drug, it will say, “use this along with DIET AND EXERCISE!!!” Those are the key words, diet and exercise are actually the best way to lose weight because it is natural.

    And think about it, these companies know that the majority of Americans are overweight, all they have to do is make a drug and claim that it will HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT! And automatically they’ve targeted a lot of people for their marketing…

  4. Rabbit said :

    If you had a child in the past 5 years you need to see a doctor to make sure you lose the weight at a healthy rate.

    I wouldn’t touch any weight loss supplements like that, especially after having a child. Even if they work, the side effects are always terrible – from anything to lethargy, drained energy, sickness, head aches, and so on.

  5. Snowrock said :

    the best way to lose weight is to eat every two to three hours during the day, it does work, because after 2 to 3 hours your body starts producing fat and storing the energy as fat. so have 6 small healthy meals a day. Also, have a treat day each week, where you eat some things that you really like, but are considered “unhealthy”. This shows your body that you are not starving it, and helps you lose fat.

    I received this diet plan off the internet and it really did help and I lost over a stone with it, after doing it for not that long!

    So keep going with it and you will lose those few stones that you want to get rid of!

    The exercising is good, the more you do the more you burn the fat, the best time to do exercise is before your breakfast, because after eating, there is a period of time where your body will not produce fat, no matter what you eat! Fact!

    With these two things, you do not need slimming products, and they can’t do anything better than what your body can do!

    Hope this helps

  6. Mon Desiderio said :

    Yes they do work but pills and other manufactured slimming products have side effects that could take its toll someday..

    Why not consider going the natural way? You can lose weight through a detoxification program by drinking fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in anti-oxidants.


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