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can anyone recommend any slimming pills that work?

I don’t seem to be able to control my eating with willpower and no matter how much i exercise I’m still gaining weight. Has anyone had a similar prob and found any kind of good appetite suppressant

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8 Responses to “can anyone recommend any slimming pills that work?”

  1. Sal*UK said :

    They will all take pounds off you – in the wallet area.

    Alli are supposed to be one of the best, taken under the supervision of a doctor or pharmacist.

  2. Reece said :

    Did you know that surplus weight is not constantly thanks to surplus body fat? There can be a lot of extra weight just sitting around in your pipes. The latest supplement will cleanse your pipes and help you to reduce as much as 20 lbs, frequently from your waist (show me somebody who does not want to reduce some inches from their waist LOL!!). There’s a risk free trial available at I have been using it for three weeks now and it is certainly having an effect!!

  3. Boston said :

    On some occasions dieting and working out basically is not enough, because there can be surplus weight basically lying around in the pipes. It’s not body fat, therefore it can’t be burned off, however it can be flushed out, basically by using a diet supplement. has a risk free offer on offer at the moment, I gave it a try and shed 17 pounds!! Who says there is no magic bullett? LOL!!!

  4. Manly Man said :

    Come’on! Grow up, be the responsible person! Now get out there, and show yourself that you can do anything!

    Start eating 4 meals a day; breakfast, morning tea, lunch and dinner. All of which are relatively small in size but nutritious. You want to ensure that you keep you Carbs, Proteins and Fats to a low, but not too low.

  5. "Q" said :

    No none of those work.

  6. kayla922 said :

    bio Synergy fat burner or bio synergy skinny water they both suppress appetite and stop your body turning carbs into fat. They also help burn more fat during exercise and give you and energy burst.

  7. lalalove said :

    stacker XPLC, you can buy them at any drug store or even walmart. i use them and they really work for me. they give you the extra energy and eat away at your fat

  8. lalalove said :

    also, you’ll feel them working within the first week. they’re great, i love them.


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