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can someone tell me the slimming world diet?

I am not overweight but want to lose about 2 stone which my nurse said would be ok providing i dont lose anymore than that.She said i was at a healthy weight for my height but i am not happy .People have told me i probably wont even make it in to the clubs as i am not overweight but i cant cope with this salad diet,makes me want to eat more.
I just wanted to know if anyone can give me a list of foods i can have on a red day and what i can have on a green day.
I did used to eat just white meat with loads of veg ages ago which helped me lose baby weight but surely there are more foods i can have other than this.
Any help much appreciated.

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4 Responses to “can someone tell me the slimming world diet?”

  1. Scotty said :

    Food combining
    You can eat most things, but not necessarily on the same plate or the same day
    Why don’t you buy one of the Slimming World magazines
    Good luck

  2. rach said :

    seriously? salad diets are rubbish. I’m on a veggie diet right now and it’s actually WORKING and i cna’t believe it. All you need to do to lose weight is burn more calories than you consume… but obvisouyl eat good foods. Three good meals a day. I hope you have some form of excersize, otherwise you’ll probably put it all ack on soon enough

  3. Hayley T said :

    Hiya. I’m the same. I’m not overweight but I wanted to loose some weight. I found this helped. Buy in some Cous-cous… it’s practically no fat and you can mix it with pickles, veg, cabbage, mash, salad, all your fav foods and low fat and it’s really filling and full of goodness. snack on satsumas and apples… great for giving you energy but not much else (ie callories and a great natural easygoing laxative) probably not perfect but a good starting point. but the main thing is… don’t overeat, exercise every day.. if you can’t be botherd just do some hip rolls – anything is better than nothing..

    good luck x x

  4. untanuta said :

    Red days, as much meat and fish as you like as long as you don’t fry it and you remove the skin!
    Green days as much pasta and potatoes (Carbs a you like)
    No fat unles you want use it as a sin (10-15 sins a day)
    loads fruit (Speed & Super speed foods) and water, these speed up your weight loss) and veg but certain veg ie sweetcorn and peas aren’t allowed on red days but you can have em on green
    You have Healthy extras (2of) that you are supposed to choose from every day and 2 dairy ie milk & cheese
    you can mix the two green and red potatoes will be in the healthy extras and so will meat but they will be small portions

    email me direct i am doing this diet at the mo and my biggest weight loss has been 3.5 stone!


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