Can taking herbal slimming pills trigger a gall stone attack?

I started taking some herbal slimming tablets 2 days ago and today I had a really bad gall stone attack. Is it just a coincidence or can things like this trigger attacks?

No I havent been having a high fat diet. I have been eating virtually no fat (I have lost 13lbs in 2 weeks). I know all the normal things that trigger attacks fat, spicy foods etc. Just wondering if there is any medicines etc that can trigger attacks. Thanks

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3 Responses to “Can taking herbal slimming pills trigger a gall stone attack?”

  1. Lee said:

    Could be, depends on what was in the herbal tablets.

  2. Lorelei said:

    Have you also been having a high fat diet? That could trigger an attack too. Check with your doc. Must be agony for you.

  3. izzy said:

    Without knowing exactly what is in your tablets nobody can answer.
    For side effects to various herbs look at…


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