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How a 13 year old can lose weight quickly?

ok so I’m 5’5″ and i’m about 150 lb and i HATE it I want to be normal size! and quickly! Does anyone know how I could do that? Without people knowing what I’m doing?

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3 Responses to “How a 13 year old can lose weight quickly?”

  1. twinsushi said :

    Why would you not want people to know what your doing? I think that if you want to lose weight that that’s great!

  2. SEEKER said :

    I suggest going here
    they have great info and u can ask questions just by leaving a comment
    u can do this Anonymously

    He started a challenge and is inviting everyone to join him!

  3. supertramp said :

    Believe me no matter how old are you just read this and i’m sure it can help you.
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