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Haven’t eaten chocolate in four months but haven’t lost ANY weight at all?

Why is that??? I feel like my efforts have all been in vain and i’ve deprived myself for absolutely no reason! Why haven’t i lost any weight by stopping eating it? Does this then prove that chocolate does not make you put on weight?

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13 Responses to “Haven’t eaten chocolate in four months but haven’t lost ANY weight at all?”

  1. shortbreadtin said :

    It all depends what else you’ve been eating

  2. Derek B said :

    No you have to monitor things like sugar in your diet, fat in your diet, portion size, you’ve either done less exercise than normal or replaced the calories usually provided by chocolate with something else.

  3. No_One_But_Me said :

    It all ties in with how much you’ve been eating of everything else.. and have you been exercising!?

  4. Julia S said :

    Well mostly bread does, most wheat products do that. . .
    Try skipping bread, and stuff like that

  5. Nurse Beth said :

    Chocolate by itself does not make you lose weight. If you eat it to excess it can, but it’s just part of a whole lifestyle. You have to eat healthy foods and increase activity in order to lose weight, not just cut out one food.

  6. Juliette M said :

    well you’ve probably been eating a bit more regular food in place of the chocolate, making your efforts useless. also, you’re not going to lose any weight by cutting out ONE food and not even exercising.

  7. Chickpea said :

    You can lose weight by eating chocolate still. You have to cut on quantities, fatty food and starchy meals.

  8. Bo P said :

    i was on an all fruit diet because thats all i could digest at one point. i gained weight. your body makes up for the calories you dont eat if you arent careful.

  9. rachel♥ said :

    well, maybe chocolate’s not the reason (maybe for you you have to cut down a little on something else!) its different for everyone….(i wouldn’t deprive myself of stuff…just maybe slowly start getting more exercise and eat a health balanced diet!)
    good luck x

  10. Bubbles said :

    Choclate can sometimes make you gain weight and sometimes it won’t. If you havent lost weight it is probally because of the other stuff you hae been drinking/ eating

  11. Sudeep King of Scorn said :

    Have you been eating the rest of the stuff?

  12. Falling leaves said :

    Depriving yourself of chocolate will not = loosing weight if you are replacing that treat with something else equally high in calories and excersing would be a better result and you don’t have to give it up just cut down.

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