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How do you know when you have lost enough weight?

I have lost 70 lbs and was an 18 and now a 6. I feel like I keep trying to lose weight but my body has just stopped. I am 5’4 and 138 lbs. Is that a healthy weight or do I need to lose more. I have been stuck at this weight for about 6 months. I eat healthy and have really stepped up my exercise. I havent lost a pound.

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5 Responses to “How do you know when you have lost enough weight?”

  1. Josh L said :

    your body has reached a platue.. switch up your exercises evry once in a while.. besides that it sounds like you are healthy, jsut keep working out… the last pounds are the hardest to shed

  2. krissyten. said :

    first- holy shit and congrats to you!!
    you have done really well.

    like the first person said, your body has hit a plateau -which you know because you said you have ‘really stepped it up’.
    unfortunatley you need to do more than step it up. you really need to shock your body. for example. say you run every day. instead of running – join a soccer team. the constant running and stopping is great for you. if you do weights, go swimming. try an aerobics class. get a skipping rope! – seriously tho, skipping ropes are the bomb. they get your heart rate pumping to the max! i dont think there is such a thing as a plateau when you skip – and if there is it’ll take forever to get there!

    but anyway, you are doing fabulous as is. you should be so proud of yourself, and dont let yourself binge or feel like you havent got where you wanted because the last few pounds wont go. pamper yourself, go to a spa, sleep in, relax at home – repair your body for a couple days and then when you go back to exercising, that will shock your body, like i said before.

    and keep up the eating right – thats about 90% of your hard work there!!

    good luck!

  3. _ said :

    okay, it’s probably the muscles that are developing at the moment, you will need to increase exercise activity and change your eating habits by consuming a lot less calories than you eat now, eat 3 small decent meals a day until you reach your desire weight goal. 138 lbs is still heavy at your height you should be at least 115-120 lbs. but keep up the great work and progress though!

  4. ariel said :

    Well if you aren’t losing anymore weight take that as a sign that you don’t need to loose any more but fro better answers ask around

  5. nmyankee said :

    Contrary to a prior reply, your body won’t plateau for as long as 6 months. It appears you may have reached the weight which is what it should be for the size of your frame. I have a, very, small frame (my wrist is a bit less than 5-3/4 inches), am 5’4″, 112, 36 bust – it’s the wrist measurement which determines the definition of your frame. If your wrist measures 6-1/2″, you have a large frame. I have a friend from Holland who is 5’5″ – her wrist is 6-3/4″ and she weighs 142-144 … she isn’t overweight. As a size 6, assume your bust measurement is about 36 – 37 which is perfect for your height – you couldn’t, possibly, look fat so think you should keep doing what you’re doing to stay healthy and fit! One can become addicted to dieting and lose perspective as to what is a suitable weight – remember that men prefer curves to bones. The fact that you’ve lost so much weight is terrific … if you can maintain for 2 – 3 years it’s, very, unlikely, you’ll have a weight problem again.


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