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Have I got an eating disorder ? and how can i loose weight ?

I have been this way for over a year now.. I dont eat breakfast, lunch or dinner but sometimes i get made to by my parents but even if i do i try and throw most of it up. I am a size 6- 8 but really want to be a 6 I dont know how to loose weight quickly. i dont eat hardly anything just starve myself and then i don’t even get hungry and i start to feel really full up. when my friend comes round i dont eat at all because i dont have to eat in front of my parents i can go in my room and throw it away and the last time she came i didnt eat for 4 days just drank liquids. when m at school i go round to my friends houses and say i ate there so i dont have to eat for that day. the thing is i am not really looseing weight although my mum noticed it because she huged me and sed jade your not eating u have lost weight and shes noticed i dotn et allot anyway. when i look in the mirror all i see is fat and i just really want it gone … i do at least 200 sit ups and press up a day … =]

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8 Responses to “Have I got an eating disorder ? and how can i loose weight ?”

  1. $ wat up $ said :

    well sometimes when you eat nothing it slows down the matabolizam and ends up gaining more

  2. Rocco G said :

    Geez Relax. You need to eat.

  3. mgb said :

    Go to a doctor, you have anorexia.

  4. olivia said :

    well when you dont eat for a long time, your metaolism slows down and you stop losing weight as fast. and now whne you decide to eat again your gonna gain it beck extremely fast because your body is burning so few calories.

  5. Kevinak said :

    Well, guess what. Your developing or have develop anorexia. Now you can join th club.
    Actually what you really should do is go get help now.
    I’m going to beg and try to appeal to your sane side. I suffered from this damn disease for a year now. About 8 months ago, I nearly died. I lost 75 pounds in 3 months.. ended up in a hospital bed and had to sit there everynight wondering if my heart would stop in my sleep. Constantly nurses had to come in and wake me up, i almost killed my heart. Not to mention the whole list of problems that come with this disorder. I rather not waste your time, cause if you are anything like me, you wont listen no matter what i say.
    but please if you have any saneness left, e-mail me or something. I would do anything to prevent someone from going thur what i had to all over again

  6. ♥ Cheerleading. said :

    Eat Something


  7. Dr Wot said :

    Yes, you have an eating disorder (or several).

    Starving yourself, deliberately throwing up, and exercising excessively, are all ‘classic’ symptoms of Calorie Phobias.

    Learning more about nutrition (most anorexics know an ENORMOUS amount about calorific values, but almost NOTHING about their body’s need for vitamins, minerals, ‘macro-nutrients’ and energy) will help you to understand the difference between ‘body improvement’ and ‘losing weight’.

    If you understood the relationship between bodyweight and health (it’s not as simple as the magazines claim), you would be less enthusiastic about losing weight.

    You also seem confused about the difference between bodyweight and dress sizes. This confusion is very common, and also arises from ignorance of body physiology. If you can increase your muscle mass (which is easier while gaining weight), you will make any dress look better, regardless of its size.

  8. loocsielleirb said :

    eating less or nothing makes you gain more and it is proven. when you don’t eat your body goes into starvation mode and holds in more fat from food and it slows down the food going through your body. so just eat and drink a lot of milk and water it, exercise too. soon you will lose weight, but the way you are doing it now it not very affective and not healthy either. If you throw it up and just cant eat, you need to see a doctor because this is a serious thing.

    i’m hoping you listen to what people say and get help.


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