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fatloss diet ?any ideas for me?

I’m trying to lose bodyfat , here is my current diet and exercise plan. I’ve been on this for a month, and have dropped from 17 to 13% bodyfat so far. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how I could step it up a bit?

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4 Responses to “fatloss diet ?any ideas for me?”

  1. Diya said :

    eat lots of veggie greens and also fruits it will surely help

  2. Josh C said :

    I brought my bodyfat down from 27% and i am now at 9%. There are two programs that i used that are just awesome. They totally explained everything that i didnt know…everything that was holding me back. really really good info. You should check them out if you are serious

    Here is the first one

    Here is the second one

  3. shicara said :

    You must jog for at least 20 minutes before you will start to burn fat so for beginners it is recommended that you run for 25-30 minutes continuously. If this is not possible make sure you walk briskly and try to extend the duration to 45 minutes or 60 minutes. Another option is to jog in intervals so try jogging for 5 minutes and walking for 2 minutes. Increase how long you run for as your fitness improves. Try adding 5 minutes on each week or every second week. Aim to run for about 40 minutes to 1 hour. Your maximum jogging time might end up being 1 ½ to 2 hrs but you should have some rest days or some shorter days in between your maximum long jogs.

  4. Catherine T said :

    walk at least 15 per day

    drink plenty of water-sometimes you think you are hungry when its water you crave!

    eat s l o w l y-rushing makes you bloated and you wont be able to tell if you are full

    STOP eating before you are full up-i know its hard but its worth it!


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