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What is a quick, effective fat-loss diet?

BF needs to drop 15 pounds in 2 weeks (or 5% body fat) and i need ideas how to help him!

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6 Responses to “What is a quick, effective fat-loss diet?”

  1. TODD B said :


  2. Sundae L said :

    eat protein and vegetables, no carbs or sugary condiments like ketchup.

  3. extremefaithinhim15666 said :

    No sugar. No carbs. Weight Watchers is the easiest way to understand. Drink 10 eight ounce glasses of water everyday. No booze or sweets. No fatty meat and no fried foods.
    Any other fad diet will just cause him to lose water not pounds and it will come back on plus more weight.

  4. Cutie said :

    500 or more situps a day…….at least a mile of walking or sprinting…. and drink warm water with lemon juice in it…….(diuretic)……

    also……. here is the diet plan…….. Eat unlimited meats….no salts no condiments like ketchup……..2 oranges and 2 eggs a day……. unlimited veggies……… 64 oz of water a day

    you will lose fast……. but only do that diet for about 2 or 3 days then just eat sensibly……. lots of chicken salads that u make yourself

  5. CLINTON T said :


  6. ♥Shortstuff♥ said :

    There is no such thing! Weight needs to come off slowly which is safe & will stay off. Have him try the Atkin’s Diet Revolution & he will lose sensibly. I lost 130 lbs. on it in 2004 & have kept it off. It’s a high pro, low carb eating plan, & will indeed help him to lose unwanted pounds. Drinking plenty of water daily & dialy exercise, go hand & hand in losing weight as well.

    Warning: Never! Never! Take anything that the FDA has not approved. It’s the hidden ingredients that be very dangerous. Always check with your doctor or pharmacist first.


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