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A good fatloss diet plan?

Any suggestion for someone in pursuit of dropping 50lbs in the next 7months?

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13 Responses to “A good fatloss diet plan?”

  1. cutemamma330 said :

    umm eat.. then throw up!!

    now if you want to loose the weight in a healthy way.. then eat right.. and work out.. no other way are you going to be able to keep it off but to live a healthy life style!!

  2. Suga's Mama said :

    None; eat whatever you want in moderation and try some form of exercise everyday.

  3. goldNhart said :

    low carbs…definitely the weigh to go…

    good luck!


  4. Ed S said :

    EVERY diet should include at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

    Then make it your life style.

  5. btraglio said :

    There is nothing better than steady, consistent exercise. Also, eat more fruit and veggies, don’t drink caffeine, and no booze. Rarely does diet alone do the trick. You have to combine diet and exercise to lose weight.

  6. twentyeight7 said :

    Why don’t you try the diabetes diet. Definatley no sugar in that one.

  7. cooker said :

    Don’t consume anything white unless it is Cauliflower. This will really work! You’ll lose 10 lbs. in water alone once the salt is eliminated from your diet. Try to rid all the fats from your diet as well.

  8. Rozelyn said :

    Good timing! Seven months is healthy for you to lose that much weight! I’ve tried a good bit of everything, but I found weight watchers was really good for me. The weight just melt off. I have an elliptical too so I get my lazy butt on it for 30 minutes three times a week.

  9. nhwh said :

    what worked for me was watching what i ate, expecially portion control when you feel the slighest like maybe full …NO MORE…. do not get full in other words! and walking every day for atleast 1/2 hour! good luck i lost 20lbs in 2 months or so! so could be possiable for 7 months!

  10. X box lady(who doesnt play Xbox) said :

    walk everyday varying routes and time. drink plenty of water. eat whatever u want in small portions but eat lots of veggies (preff. raw or steamed) and fruits (not so much banana). my best friend lost 34 pounds in 3months (weighed in @ 131 today) and is still going. . . 6 mo pounds 2 go!!! walk lots tho… drink lots of water and hav a positive attitude…
    good luck!!

  11. soniaatcalifornia said :

    Look on all your food labels and see how much fat is in the food your eating. If its anything more than 4 grams per serving I would suggest staying away from it. What I have done though is both. If i eat something that is fatty, I use portion control. I eat nothing bigger than the palm of my hand. Three small meals a day with fruit in between. At first your body will think you are literally starving to death for the first month but you will become acclimated to it eventually. Ive lost over twenty pounds so far. But fair warning: make it a life choice to keep eating this way or you will gain all the weight back! Exercise also, that is imperative to good maintenance. Also be prepared for the “Platues” you will hit. Ive hit two already since Ive started my program and it can get discouraging but don’t let that bother you. The longer it takes to take it off, the longer you will keep it off. Do not starve yourself! That will shut down your metabolism. Good Luck.

  12. Miss Murder said :

    This is just pure common sense…healthy eating all the time and excersize, if your looking for good, rock-hard abs, just hula-hoop for 45 mins- hour each day. It works better if you can keep the hoop up around your waist without it falling. If you don’t get it the first time, just remember: practice makes perfect! For the eating habits: try not to eat lots of sugary, fatty, or partially-hydrogenated oils-marinated foods. The partially hydrogenated foods cause disease, such as various types of cancer, tumors, and other diseases. You need more details, age, height, and weight. If you are average weight and height, just take care of the abs w/ curl-ups and hula hoops. If you have big arms, try push-ups (knee-push-ups at first if you find regular difficult, then when your arms strengthen, try regular push- ups) Some people say that ppl with muscle are just as big as ppl with fat, but it’s not true. Also, jogging in the early in the morning and at night work your legs, too. Good luck!

  13. Charlie Mike said :

    Change your lifestyle and increase your activity by 50%. No softdrinks. There are a couple of diet plans that you can follow. What i favor is thos ethat comes with a mental routine as well. Of which Dr Shari Lieberman come to mind. Check out her book and programme here : althernatively take a look at the F2 or SouthBeach diet. Also at the same website. There is a video clip as well on slimming.


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