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would like input of any or all that have tried the diet “fatloss for idiots?

I have dieted all my life as others have done the same, Ive lost and gained over and over, What ive read about the diet “fatloss for idiots ” makes a lot of sense, because Im nutritionally trained , I just dont follow directions well, (grin) I have lost all my weight twice and regained both times, Now I have at least a hundred pounds to loose, Am not in good health at all, Im 59 , the doctor seems to think surgery would not be an option for me as my health stands, so Im again grasping at straws, If anyone has tried this diet and whether it workeed or didnt work for you, woudl you send your opinion, I also have a bad thyroid condition which is very hard to work around when it comes to dieting, Now im on one of the highest dosages there are for hypothyroidism, So any pills to loose weight is definitely a no no, dr says, Thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lookign to hear from someone, just anyone, please,, sooner the better, Pat smith

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2 Responses to “would like input of any or all that have tried the diet “fatloss for idiots?”

  1. Logan W said :

    Greetings, it is an accepted fact that fad diets fail over 90% of the time. I urge you to you go on down to its a brilliant website with lots of free help and advice. I lost 7 pounds in five weeks by following their helpful advice

  2. the_healthy_life said :

    I have a friend that battled her weight issue since she was 9. Today she has lost 101 lbs. and has kept it off for 6 years. She say’s it wasn’t that hard and is even easier to maintain. She has never felt better in her life. Here is a page with her story (and a few others in the “Testimonial” tab).

    And here is the sign up site that they used:


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