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i’m highly overweight and would like to change this FAST.. how?

i’m 28 and weigh 204 lbs. that’s about 50 lbs overweight… my BMI is 32.4 – i really want to loose this weight fairly quickly.

it’s starting to effect my self esteem pretty bad (now that summer is here and i can’t wear the clothes i used to wear without feeling like a slob). i’ve changed my diet to 1,500 calories a day, drinking more water and exercising 20-30 mins a day and i’ve only lost 1.8 lbs over the last month.

can anyone help me? what is the quickest way to loose weight and still be healthy?
it’s hard to find time to exercise… i work full time and i’m a full time mom. i would love to work out longer , which is a great suggestion, but sometimes i just don’t have the time.

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7 Responses to “i’m highly overweight and would like to change this FAST.. how?”

  1. Lydia D said :

    exercise more. I exercise about an hour to an hour and a half and I ve lost 7 pounds in two weeks.

  2. tropics11 said :

    I hate this. I put on weight eating at fast food restaurants, if this is what you are doing stop. No more soda’s 28 teaspoons of SUGAR per can, when I found this out I almost had a heart attack right then. I looked up recipes on the computer for salads, you would not believe what is out there, I am really enjoying them, I have lost 2 pounds in the last 5 days, we need to be patient too.

  3. Ed F said :

    There is always time to exercise, that there is no time is only an excuse.
    If you have only lost < 2 lbs in a month, you are eating too much. Cut out the fat and sugar and step up the exercise to 45 minutes every day of the week.

  4. bklyn_40 said :

    No way to loose it quickly, except for surgery.
    You are talking about a drastic LIFE CHANGE. You didn’t gain it all overnight & loosing weight is so much harder & takes so much longer than gaining it.
    My best advice is to join Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or any other weight loss group. this way you will have support, get advice & ideas on how to SAFELY loose & change your habits.
    Good Luck

  5. Roberto Viagra said :

    Well, first of all diets don’t work. And do not eat less. I repeat, do not eat less!! Just eat more of the good stuff. Not just nothing but salads, but meat, beans, fruit, your dark greens like spinach or red chard, and try to maintain your good eating for a month or two without excersising. Cause if you try to lose weight by excersising the first day of your weightloss program, then you won’t be able to do it and you’ll just get discouraged and give up. After about a month or more, you will start losing weight and body fat and once you stop losing the fat after good eating, once again don’t get discouraged and give up, you’ll need to start excersising. And I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no I hate excersize, how can I avoid this?!” This is okay, I was once overweight and thought like this once too. Start out light on your excersize. I’m talking about walking, lot’s of walking, may’be and hour a day 3 times a week. Every two weeks do 5% more excersizing each day. You’ll get so active you’ll feel like you can do anything! But of course if you already are excersizing try to maintain that while eating healthy and when you have the time to do it, go crazy! And I know the eating healthy will be very hard at first, but after two weeks you’ll have adapted to it fast! And it’s okay to eat JUNKFOOD everyonce in a while. May’be once a week have your mocha or two scoops of icecream. Life to me is about food. And if you have to spend the rest of your life eating nasty healthy crap for the rest of your life, screw that! Go ahead and eat your Junk or fatting foods once a week and you won’t have to feel guilty if you’re already eating healthy and excersizing. By the way I weighed 180lbs at the age of 12 and lost 40lbs in two months during summer. So, hope this works for yeah! =]

  6. Ally J said :

    Here’s an excellent way to lose weight.
    You have probably heard that not eating is bad for you, but it can be very healthy too. And you don’t have to workout to do this, unless you want to.
    I know people who have went on water fasts for up to 30 days and were very healthy afterwards and were fine the entire way through. People tell you that it slows down your metabolism, well yes. But what other reason do they give that it’s bad? When you get done doing it, the first couple of days only drink juice, water, and soup. Then move to whole foods. I’ve heard of people losing 20 pounds in 14 days and they were exactly my height and weight(5’8 153 lbs). But you have to drink purified water everyday and at least 6 glasses of it. You will not become anorexic as some people will say, as long as you stop before you get too skinny. And don’t go straight to food when you get done, that’s why I said juice and soup first because your body will reject the food.
    This woman did it for 30 days and lost nearly 30 pounds. She has a video for everyday she did it.
    You can also search water fast on Youtube and watch other videos.

  7. BeccaBugg said :

    I would say the quickest way to lose weight is to change your diet. I am a mother of 3 toddlers and completely understand not having time to exercise more. I went on a vegetarian diet and lost 16 pounds in one month. Many people say that kind of weight lose is unhealthy but it depends on how it is done. Try changing your diet to cut out all bad foods and just keep doing what you are doing. Changing my diet worked for me and I don’t even take the time to exercise daily.


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