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I would like to drop a dress size before i start college :]?

So thats september, but actually would like to have dropped it for when i go college clothes shopping,
so really i would like to have dropped a dress size by late august.

So first of all i need help to stop eating when im bored,
because its the summer now, and im not in school everyday,
so the days in which i stay at home, i get bored, and eat, I need help in stopping doing this 🙂
And i just need advice on how to loose weight quickly, but healthily :]


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3 Responses to “I would like to drop a dress size before i start college :]?”

  1. Max's Mum said:


    I lost 2-1/2 stone since Christmas. You can do it easily by restricting your calories to 1500 per day. Exercise is the key and walked at least 4 miles each day. If you’re bored ask your mum what she needs from the shops and find a good route. See if a friend needs their dog walking. If you keep up the walking you won’t want to spoil all your good work by snacking.

    Good luck :0)

  2. kjdibo said:

    You need to get active walk swim bike at least 45- 1 hour per day. you need to eat 6 small meals a day . A balanced healthy breakfast oatmeal, fruit, juice. a healthy snack between lunch like fruit vegetables, jello,popcorn no butter, nuts a sensible lunch again healthy snack then dinner and a healthy snack. Cut out breads, pastas, soda, sugary snacks. Drink tons of water. Eating the 6 small meals will keep your metabolism going so it will burn calories. If you try to starve yourself next time you eat your body will just store everything.

  3. Ray <3 said:

    Basically use the “don’t be stupid” diet. Have 6 meals a day. If you ACTUALLY have 6 meals a day, you WONT get craving and want to binge. It worked for me for about a month; and it worked REALLY good. Then I got lazy and started not preparing snacks to bring to work which is when I started binging. If you have a solid breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, you won’t be hungry.
    It’s also helped me to down a big glass of room-temp water after everything I eat to keep me full.
    So basically just don’t be stupid about it. No problem with lots of snacking, but have things like veggies (carrots and celery) or a little salad or a piece of fruit.. not chips or candy. Use common sense. Whole wheat is better than white. Making your own food is better than McDonalds. A grilled chicken breast is better than a chicken burger. Don’t have soda, etc.

    Running will also help a lot. Just take it on a treadmill (treadmills are easier than outside), set it to a speed that is comfortable for you. Remember the speed. Run as far as you can. When you start to feel tired, set small manageable goals for yourself, like if your at 5:56, just think “I can make it to 7 minutes” or “5 more calories” or “0.10 more miles”. These things are small and manageable. Just push yourself. When you can’t do it any more, take a break. Slow down to 3 or 4 miles an hour (something very slow, but don’t stop) for a couple of minutes. When you have caught your breathe, try to do what you just did again. This is now your bar. Try to do this daily (or every other day.. whatever). Increase slowly. Run an extra 0.1 miles or increase your speed or elevation by one point each time you run. Slowly work your way up.
    I find using a treadmill really helps me going because it’s so easy to set and reach your goals.

    You should be fine if you follow that.. Good luck!


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