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I would like to start running and getting fit?

I am 37 and have done no excersise previousley. I have a full time job and 3 kids so dont really have the energy or time to go to the gym. I thought about starting jogging maybe on a morning or evening. I want to know what is the safest way to start, how long, how many times a week etc. I am not overweight but I am very unfit!! I love chocolate and really do not want to give it up. I have a healthy diet otherwise. Any sensible advice would be appreciated.

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8 Responses to “I would like to start running and getting fit?”

  1. disturbed said :

    You should first get a physical check up with your Dr to make sure you are in good health. To improve your fitness, you need to start by walking a lot more. Walk to places where you would normally catch the bus or drive. Gradually, you should begin to get stronger…but it takes time – months not weeks.

    After a few months of regular walking, you should be able to start running safely and be able to stick with it.

    This is a website i found some time ago. I dont think its the best because it has too many fancy graphics that slow it down, but you could try google for similar sites.

  2. babyrawl said :

    Start at 30 minutes 3 days a week. I started by alternating running and walking, which can affect your calorie burn in a good way. I wouldn’t increase time, just how often I do it in a week. Since you are really busy, 30 minutes won’t take a huge hunk out of your day, but it is still effective.

  3. Creepingrot said :

    The hardest part is starting, if you are going jogging find a route that is well lite and safe nowhere remote.

    It’s best to walk first in the day light and see what you are up against.

    Take it very easy at first and run perhaps for 15 mins before turning back or try to pick a circuit that will be no more than 20 -30 mins when you have done this perhaps for a week and the aches and pains have settled down try extend the range or speeding up a little.

    Let me know when you have started it will spur me on to start again myself. I have not been for 18 months and miss the incredible feeling of well being and alertness after each run – its just starting again is so hard.

  4. LEO61 said :

    Bless… need to start with short distances then build it don’t need to run miles & miles.make sure your footwear is comfortable and you do some stretches first so not to pull or tear a muscle. you also need to put energy in your body(pasta) encourage your husband and/or children to jog with you. don’t waste your money at a gym. good luck.

  5. Colin_Waft said :

    If you live in the UK then I would suggest going to see your doctor first. Some locla authorities will actually give you free trial membership to your local gym, where responsible experts will be able to give you a personal assessment and recommend particular equipmentto use, or exercise routines to follow.

  6. Ajith g said :

    Yes you can start jogging with out any problem. But you have to start it very slowly. Don’t go for a 5 kms running in the very first day. First day you can with an easy walk around 10 min. Then day by day increase your timing and speed. After 10 days you can start running. But the same thing you have to follow. First day 10 min of running with less speed. And then gradually increase it. After one week you can reach your actual speed and time. Then you have to follow it daily. Morning session is better than evening.

    Instead of jogging you can practice yoga. It will give you a much better result than jogging. The important thing is, by doing yoga, you are getting relief from your tensions. You have to practice breathing exercises along with yoga. If you need any information’s about yoga and breathing exercises, feel free to write me at [email protected].

  7. cruise4mayor said :

    First you have to concentrate more on your thighs, legs and feet to make you fit for jogging then you can trim your tommy by doing a couple of sit-ups then your arms by doing pull-ups. you also have to reduce the the intake of chocolates and also crisps because i heard that taking chocolates and crisps everyday is like in a year is like taking 4 LITRES! of oil.
    also try to create a leisure time for yourself at home to participate in all this activities. TRUST ME I KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING!

  8. candi k said :

    take it slowly, perhaps go with a partner because i have been 3 times was chased by men twice ( that was good for my cardiovascular i can tell you!) and was bitten by a dog! dont mean to put you off. i think its the best way to lose weight i have never seen a chubby jogger. i think its just a matter of getting into the routine oh and try to jog on the grass its better for the joints.


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