Do you think I need to lose weight? Diet ideas?

I am 18, I weigh 8 stone 5 and I’m 5ft 2 sooo I have a BMI of 20.8
I don’t know how normal that is or what.. but anyway I want to lose some weight and get a lot fitter because I don’t like the look of my stomach right now!
Anyone know of a good one I could follow?

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8 Responses to “Do you think I need to lose weight? Diet ideas?”

  1. Simon said:

    run around a park or something every morning
    eat veggies
    eat less meat

  2. StephTeres said:

    That’s a normal BMI so instead of losing weight, you may just want to exercise and tone up. A couple hours of cardio, 2 full body weight routines and 2 pilates/yoga sessions a week should help. You’d notice results in a month as long as you are eating right.

  3. FlipFlop said:

    just eat heathtly dont eat at nite, and move around alot

  4. christina p. said:

    i don’t know how much 8 stone is, but a healthy bmi is around 18-20. i think that is fine! if u wanna get fit maybe you should try swimming, pilates, yoga, or crunches. those will target the stomach area.

  5. hello said:

    your fine.
    you don’t need to lose weight.
    but if you want to lose weight don’t lose more then 7 pounds.
    you could become a vegetarian.

  6. H Locke said:

    excercise is must.
    hwoever you can try an alternative, fat binders.
    fat binders basically stop the body from absorbing fat into the body.
    it basically prevents fat intake upto 28%
    or try

    for more opinions.

  7. Dr Frank said:

    You really should not be looking for additional weight loss with that low end BMI. You need to concentrate on exercise rather than dieting.

  8. Helen W said:

    Your bmi is perfect. There is no need for you to lose any weight. If you want to stay fit do something like swimming and jogging. It will keep you fit and healthy.


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