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Does anyone have the PERFECT diet to weight loss, or any ideas?

I am doing the world challenge expedition, where I am going to Ladakh in India to and help poor children but also do a week’s trek in the himalayas. I would like to know a good diet or weight loss ideas because at the moment i am carrying some extra baggage which i don’t want.

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6 Responses to “Does anyone have the PERFECT diet to weight loss, or any ideas?”

  1. AbbeySam said:

    Eat less, exercise more. Its really a very simple equation.

  2. shelly h said:

    EXERCISE!!!! And DEDICATION to a low low calorie diet!!!!! CARDIO keep that heart rate up!! Put an exercise bike in front of the TV!! pedal pedal pedal!! I lost 50 pounds in 4 months, I rode 40 miles a day and did minimal weight lifting. yogret for bfast, salad, lots of vegies and no dressing for lunch and tuna or chicken for dinner, along with more fresh veggies.

  3. missingora said:

    I lost 90 pounds on the Atkins diet 6 years ago and have kept it off. The good thing was I was never hungry.

  4. verycheesygirl said:

    I suppose cutting out junk food would be a good help if you eat any or else maybe cutting down a bit. I think the best way is exercise. Swimming is great – it exercises every muscle in your body. 😉

  5. Tara said:

    Go Vegitarian and you will loose pounds!
    Not to mention you will feel lighter and have more energy as it takes much longer to diggest meat than non-meat foods.

    Not to mention that tons and tons of grain (and water)goes into feeding livestock when it could be used to feed the world’s poor. So you will have a good concience when you go there also. 🙂

    Good luck on your travels!

  6. Neha Wasnik said:

    It’s A Berry Old Story of Anti-Ageing


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