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I have underactive thyroid, and find losing weight a problem, does anyone have any ideas?

I just can’t seem to shift weight, Im dieting and have regular excercise but nothing seems to help, I can’t be the only person in the world with this condition, please help.
I just can’t seem to shift it, I diet and take regular excercise, I am on medication for this condition, but nothing seems to help

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8 Responses to “I have underactive thyroid, and find losing weight a problem, does anyone have any ideas?”

  1. Divinus said :


  2. imaleda said :

    Are you taking a thyroid medicine?

  3. Tamara K said :

    Are you taking synthroid or one of it’s equivalents?

    There is no doubt that being hypothyroid makes it more difficult to lose weight – I have it too. Try talking to your doctor to see if your meds need to be upped a bit. Also, be sure to drink lots and lots of water – this will help raise your metabolism and flush out your body.

  4. will dakin said :

    visit your doctor and he can prescribe drugs to help

  5. bob said :

    ask doctor about “thyroxin ” also ask for a thyroid test
    this is done easily via a blood test

  6. longview (For Da Ben Dan) said :

    it’s not enough to diet…it must be an *appropriate* diet…

    I encourage you to try 100% raw vegan diet for 30 days to see what you think.

  7. Nicole B said :

    Have you ever been tested for Cushing’s Disease? Thyroid problems are VERY common with this condition. Google Cushing’s Disease or Cushing’s Syndrome. Are you on Synthroid? Maybe your dosage needs adjusting by an Endocrinologist.

  8. Dr Frank said :

    Assuming that your GP has you stabilised on the correct dose of levothyroxine you condition should no longer be having any effect on your weight, nor your problems loosing it.

    You need to remember that 2 in 3 dieters with no other medical problems end up gaining weight!

    There are no tricks or even tips, you just have to eat a bit less and do a lot more like the rest of us.


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