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EASY 10 POINTS. I need a FAST and EFFECTIVE way to lose FAT. Answers pls?

I’m going back to school in about a month. I’ve been overweight for a long time now. I weigh 195 very stubborn pounds. I’m very insecure about myself because of my weight and I would like to lose about 25 pounds before I go back to school. Please help all answers will be appreciated.


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22 Responses to “EASY 10 POINTS. I need a FAST and EFFECTIVE way to lose FAT. Answers pls?”

  1. Maverick said :

    I was overweight until I tried acai berry, I understand they say that pills do not work, but they certainly worked for me, and they’ve been featured on the Rachael Ray Show too. There’s a free trial happening currently at , why not try it, what is the worst that could happen?

  2. slfb92 said :

    try counting calories or the weight watchers plan helped me to lose 20 pounds.

  3. said :

    Go grocery shopping, and buy healthy foods. Eat lots of fruit, drink lots of water, dance with your door closed. Get a mirror and dance infront of it. It’s fun.

  4. Danielle said :

    Replace all drinks with water, and all high-carb foods with fruits.
    Exercise more too.

  5. omg cheez said :

    BE anerexik!!! jk use nutrisitysm

  6. James said :

    Go running every day and maybe join a social joging group

  7. Alyssa said :

    neutrisitum or however you spell it really works

  8. Mr. A said :

    Buy this book called the Abs Diet, and follow it VERY carefully. I’m not joking. If you want help, you will find it in there. Good luck with everything!

  9. ♥♥ said :

    yeah same issue ive just been going on my trampoline more and have tried eating half of everything so its healthy idk what to do i alost gave up trying

  10. Bryna said :

    eat two means a day
    make one a salad, and the other dinner
    go for walks, take your dog if you have one

  11. tg said :

    drink a ton of water! and eat less, more often!

  12. Ashli said :

    i don’t know what your life style is but you can try to eat healthy, no late night snacks, take vitamins, exercise. Hope these help.

  13. Jack said :

    There’s no real shortcuts to losing weight. What helps, beyond the eating right and such, is having someone diet/exercise with you, as it gives you motivation and you’ll be less likely to avoid exercising and eat that cake. Not having sweets and snacks in the house helps the temptation go away, and probably saves money. Run outside for half an hour each day; bike to work; do anything that gets you moving, but do it consistently.

  14. Don said :

    I know just the thing for you but it is very tiring and feels like hell but if you want to lose weight it is worth it. First put on 1 undershirt and 5 sweaters then put on 2 sweatpants. Now go on the bicycle[non-moving one] and sprint for 30 minutes straight once a day or more if you have enough energy. You are guaranteed to lose 2 pounds everytime you do this because when you sweat you lose fat because fat is a component of the sweat the body releases and due to the fact you are wearing so much clothes you will sweat A LOT.


  15. matt.livingstone said :

    You need to start with a balanced and healthy diet,less carbs,plent of vegetables and cut down on sugar,sodas etc.If you want to drop up to 14lbs quickly then i would suggest a weight loss and colon cleanse supplement combination.The site below helped me to lose 12lbs in just a few weeks.check it out below

  16. Me! said :

    well start on a monday, do 30 crunches, 30 push ups, 30 sit ups and maybe run a little… u don’t have to do this all at the same time but do all this once a day. also eat well and drink lots of water when ur hungry. on sunday ,the end of the week, weigh yourself i garentee u will have lost a ton of poundage. just keep it going and u’ll be in good shape by school 🙂
    hope this helps!!

  17. jaycee said :

    you could do it but I would rather say go on a diet and try to loose like 5 IBS a week. You have to eat so anyone who says dont eat is lame. Just eat Healthier. Like maybe different chicken salads for a meal. A smoothie for a meal. And cereal for breakfast. Try to work out. If you do not work out now. Try to start with a 15 minutes and make sure you heart rate is up for all 15 minutes. Then the second week try running and add 5 minutes each week. After, a few days you will feel soooo much healthier and this should motivate you to stick with your routine. Good Luck!

  18. dmb said :

    Cardio+healthy eating = skinnier and healthier caitlan

    Since you are overweight, you should start off by walking for about 60 minutes. DO NOT try to go on a run, it will KILL your knees and you could get a serious injury. Until you’ve lost some weight, stick to walking. Whatever pace you are comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be a fast powerwalk, but even just a light walk. Bring your iPod, a parent, a friend, or even your dog to make it more entertaining. Walk everyday. Staying active is essential to losing weight and becoming healthier.

    In addition to cardio, you need to be eating healthier. Eating healthier will be your main source of losing weight. This means cutting out all sugary drinks (soda, lemonade, etc). Start drinking A TON of water. I’m talking about at least 8 bottles of water a day. Believe it or not, some people actually lose 15 lbs just by drinking a lot of water throughout the day and by cutting out soda. Water boosts your metabolism, keeps you full inbetween meals so you won’t snack, and it’s even clear for your skin. You also need to stay away from fried/junk/fast food, like chips, crackers, candy, ice cream, cookies, etc. I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of what’s healthy and what’s not, so start eating what you know is healthy! However, DO NOT deprive yourself. Allow yourself to have a treat once a week. For example, every friday treat yourself to an ice cream cone (lay off all the extra toppings though) for having a good and successful week.

    Here is a sample day of what you should be eating:
    Breakfast: Banana with peanut butter, an egg, low fat yogurt, glass of water or OJ
    Snack: Cut up apple with peanut butter
    Lunch: Turkey sandwhcih on whole wheat bread with NO mayo but loaded with veggies, a fruit, a bottle of water, a granola bar
    -Snack: String cheese and almonds
    -Dinner: Grilled chicken, 1 cup of brown rice, 2 cups of steamed veggies, bottle of water/glass of milk

    Also, don’t put so much food on your plate during your meals. Eat slowly, and drink a glass of water before you eat and after your first helping. If you are STILL hungry for seconds, get a small serving.

    Good luck! Stay focused and don’t give up! If you mess up one day, don’t beat yourself up, it happens. Just try harder the next day.

  19. cat_me_ow said :

    Hi, ok try this but try not to over do it. Drink a gallon of water per day. I know it sounds like a lot of water, but if you space it out through your day it really isn’t that much. I drink that much each day and I am losing so much weight from that. I lost 10lbs in 4 days just by drinking water. Water will flush out the bad in our body (toxins,fat, etc) When you start school, or getting close to that date, pull back on the water intake so you won’t have to run to the bathroom all day. Oh and after about a week your body will get used to that much water, so you will only be going to the bathroom that much for a week. It will slow down after that. I hope this was helpful for you. And GL

    Four 32oz jugs will give you a gallon I use my propel blue water bottles

  20. chasingbutterflykisses said :

    you can try several things… depending on what you like to eat and what you are willing to do..

    low carb (meaning you eat protein,cheese, eggs, lots of veggies( no starchy veggies) and plenty of water.

    or just be sensible and restrict yourself to low calories and low fat…eat like six different times a day to boost your metabolism. the more frequently you eat, the faster your metabolism works so its easier for your body to let go of stored fat. add walking, at least 20 mins a day. make sure you get fruit, veggies, dairy, meat and comple carbs. like a balanced diet.

    you can also talk to your dr and see what he would recommend. i dont know much about the prescription drugs available but its possible he could put you on a diet plan along with meds to help you get started.

    good luck! remember that rome was not conquered in a day…so it may take awhile to get the weight off. forming lasting habits is more important than quick weight loss that doesnt last.

  21. danikamae beroñas said :

    you know just take a capsule that can easily burning fats! ,..

    like “fitrum capsule” try it ! ,..

    if you don’t like just eat enough food like vegetables,fruits and milk don’t eat much rice co’z it contains a lot of carbohydrates! ,,

    so i hope my opinion works! ,! ,,

    x0x0 hsm 14

  22. Crazy said :

    Okk.When you wake up eat a healthy breakfeast (ex.ceral,orange,water or milk or orange juice.)Then you could exersic,while exersicing put some music that you like.For lunch eat something healthy (ex.a salad with something low-fat or fat-free).And for dinner you could have something healthy.And good luck.Oh and get some exersice after every meal.Good luck and I hope this helps!:]


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