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I need to lose weight fast, but I have alot of trouble staying motivated?

Well i suppose its not too fast, I want to lose some fat around my midsection by December as I am going on a vacation in which i want to be able to wear a baithing suit without feeling people are thinking that I look awful. Currently I am 5’9 and weigh 155lbs I would like to weigh about 140. Can you help me out?

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5 Responses to “I need to lose weight fast, but I have alot of trouble staying motivated?”

  1. Corey P said :

    Change Your diet to low carb, high (lean) protein/ lots of vegtables and you will loose the weight. i would also do 35 min of high intensity cardio work 3-4 days a week.

  2. WhizKid said :

    If you can lose 10 pounds of weight around your midsection (it will not be fat but something worse than fat) in 3 days, I bet that will motivate you. It uses a secret trick used by models and dancers to flatten their tummy before an event. But don’t go telling everyone about it since it will no longer be a secret trick. See site below under fastest weight loss.

  3. Aki said :

    Before you exercise, look at your belly in the mirror and think about why you’re exercising, and what will happen to the belly if you do.
    Also, take a photo of it, then take a photo every couple of months so you can see the exercise working!

  4. naomi...xXx said :

    run at least a mile daily as well as sit ups and push ups.
    eat 1,500 calories a day.
    whenever you feel your about to ive in to your cravings or dont feel motivated strip but naked and jump up and down in front of a mirror and see how much you really need that food.

  5. dog guy said :

    Ok… The good news is you have until December so you can go about this the proper way. This can get way more detailed but if you follow these guide lines you will get to one forty by Dec.
    1. Only non or very low cal beverages. Cut out sodas, sugary juices, lattes ect., cut out candy and sweets.

    2. Eat breakfast. Try to get fiber and protien. (this will make you less hungary all day) ie. A hard boiled egg ,small cup of fiber cereal, and small peice of mellon. Finish with a glass of purified water(the water helps your body start its natural detox process)

    3. For other meals cut out all refined sugar. Eat lean protien and whole grains and make sure you get your fruits and
    veggies. ie. Tuna on wheat, steamed veggies, refried beans. glass of skim milk.

    4. Exercise- this one is a no brainer,but you said you have a motivation problem. One way to over come this is just simply go to the gym 5 days a week. Just go.I dont care what your plan is but just go. If you feel like running, run. If you feel like lifting, lift. if you fell like just doing abs, do so.Just get yourself active for 20-40 min everyday.

    This is fail proof if you just go through the motions described. I have helped many people lose weight with this basic out line.


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