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Does stopping smoking get harder?

I’ve decided I’m stoping smoking I’ve had 1 fag today and then the quit smoking gum and stuff… I havnt even craved a cigarette I know it’s just the first day but apart from being moody I’m fine and don’t even want to smoke …. Does it get harder? I thought the first few days are the hardest?

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2 Responses to “Does stopping smoking get harder?”

  1. Greg Wilson said :

    It seems to go in phases but ultimately it gets to a point where you think about it less and less. Then someone asks a question about it and after 2 1/2 years off the rotten things I start thinking I could go a smoke right now!

  2. Cursed Boy said :

    Depends on your thoughts.

    If you keep picturing yourself with a cigarette in your mouth, you will start craving them…

    If you fix your thoughts on all the benefits of not smoking, it will help you stay off then.

    I smoked for years and then just quit cold turkey without any problems. My secret was in my “thoughts” — I WANTED to quit, so nothing was going to make me smoke another cigarette.

    If you want to smoke, even though you quit, the addiction will be harder to handle.


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