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Is there a ideal weight for your height and when you reach that is it still possible to lose weight by diet?

I am losing weight , and my question is this: is there an ideal weight to be for your height and gender? If I am losing one kilo or 2 pounds each week through diet and excersise , will I eventually reach that point where I will be the weight I am suppose to be? And will I than not lose anymore weight , if I am eating healthy and excersising?

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8 Responses to “Is there a ideal weight for your height and when you reach that is it still possible to lose weight by diet?”

  1. jewel64052 said:

    If you stick with diet and exercise losing weight should be fairly easy…Yes there is an ideal weight for everyone..I am 5’5 small frame female..I know my ideal weight is 120 but I am 135..I eat what I want and don’t seem to gain anymore so I am good with that…I am not a person who would or could count calories!! I always on the go..

  2. Nutsters Space Cadet said:

    when u hit ur ideal weight.
    just do what i do, stick 2 the daily requirement of calories 4
    a man that’s 2500 a day & a woman 2000.
    i stick 2 my 2000 a day & have maintained the same weight 4 over 10 years.
    don’t know the calories?
    i won’t eat it.
    & yes occasionally u can get away with going over as long as it’s not a daily occurance.

  3. qprfan said:

    im 16 stone and his royal tonyness and his government tell me im overweight.well im 6ft 4 so technically that makes me lauwrence Dallaligo

  4. talkingformydog said:

    An easy way to find that out for an adult man (for example) is to take 10 kilos off the height>>>>>1M75 should give an ideal weight of 65 K or130 pounds !
    Now that’s one thing but the ideal weight for me is the weight were YOU FEEL WELL !!

  5. hornethodge said:

    yes, it’s called your body mass index.

    look this up and it gives the ideal weight range for height.

  6. la.bruja0805 said:

    There is an ideal weight go to
    or type ideal weight in search. It also depends on whether you have a large or small frame etc. It is not advisable to go below your ideal weight too much, being unerweight is as unhealthy as being overweight. Most people would want to stop losing weight at a healthy point, where they fell & look good.

  7. huggz said:

    A good weight to aim for is one which gives you a BMI in the ideal range. This varies with height and sex. Take a look at the site below. It has a BMI calculator which will tell you roughly what weight you should be and where you are now;

  8. Mom2Sydney said:

    You should check your BMI. Do a search for it, plug in your height, weight and gender and you get a range that is healthy for you.

    I am 5’8″ and my range is 125-165 (as you can see, a large range). I weigh 130 lbs and have been this way for some time now. I am not looking to lose any more weight, just wanting to maintain. I do not “diet” per say, I have changed my eatting habits and just chose not to eat certain foods. It is a way of life for me now.


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