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How to lose weight and fat without gaining muscle?

I’ve gained nearly 8 pounds over just a couple of months, and I would like to lose it again. Is there any diet or exercise that I can do to lose all of it over a month’s time? If it is an exercise, I just want to lose fat, but not gain muscle in it’s place, is that possible? Also, my target area is my arms where there is the most fat.
Also, I would prefer any exercise that can be done at home in short periods of time, multiple times.

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7 Responses to “How to lose weight and fat without gaining muscle?”

  1. tennislover said:

    u need to increase the cardio.. do all sorts of cardio, any cardio u can think of, treadmill, bike, eliptical, running outside, skipping rope

    have fun

  2. sumira said:

    Stop eating.

    You’ll be looking gorgeous in no time.

  3. fated82 said:

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  4. loseweightpro said:

    There is an excellent dieting program that allows you to create 1000s of diets that include your favorite foods in many increments throughout the day instead of 3 bigger meals. This increases your BMR, or basal metabolic rate, and helps you lose weight incredibly fast, and will get you down 10 pounds in a month easily. You can read more about it below, it works wonders. Good luck!

  5. mansionghost said:
  6. loli said:

    hi dear,
    read this article as it might help you a lot , it’s talking about losing weight using a technique called calorie shifting , it wil get you to lose 9lbs. every 11 days , well here’s a link to that article and i hope that it helps.

  7. meltthatfat said:

    Its strange to know that you dont want to gain muscle. If you start exercising, you will always put on a bit of muscle. It will only help you in your goald to lose weight.

    here’s what you can do

    1. Based on your age, figure out your Basic Metabolic Rate- you can do this easily online.

    2. Your goal must be to aim for 500-750 (not more) calorie deficit each day through a combination of a good healthy diet and exercise

    3. Eat your breakfast. Research shows that breakfast eaters lose more weight than those who do not.

    4. Eat 4 -5 meals spaced out at intervals of 3-4 hours each day. This keeps your metabolism chugging well throughout the day.

    5. Once every week, do a high calorie or a high carb day. Give into your cravings, have that pizza slice. just to give your body a break from the dieting and help you to stay on the wagon.

    6. Exercise is must, if you want to keep the weight off and not just be subject to the yo yo diet syndrome. Cardio and Weight training – both forms of exercise must be included.

    7. What you can do at home at bodyweight compound exercises as well as cardio style workouts. Some examples are squats, pushups, lunges, burpees, skipping, pullups chinups, spiderman pushups. Just scour the web for bodyweight exercises and you will surely get a lot more. Even better get some basic weights – a pair of dumbbells to start off and you can increase the number of exercises manifold.

    The gut/arms/thighs are just a storage area. The concept of spot reduction is a myth. Our simple goal is to put our body in an energy deficit, through diet and exercise, so that our body will then have to dig into its reserves. That’s the gut, the hips, the legs, arms.

    Again here, dont overdo the diet and skip the exercise. Our bodies are very smart. If they dont get enough food- presuming you go on a very low cal diet, our body tends to think that we are starving. Our metabolism goes down, the body then trys to hang on for dear life to the fat in our body. The exact opposite of what we aim for.

    So eat well. Exercise well. Stay committed and you will melt that fat away.



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