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Will this diet routine help me lose fat fast?

I’m working out and so on- that’s all covered.

On the other hand, my dietary routine has a huge caloric deficit and a ratio of 4 carb to 2 protein to 1 fat, even though I want to maintain muscle and lose body fat.

The fats are all healthy fats and not saturated. The carbs are pretty much complex carbs (like wholemeal or oats). The protein comes from milk, eggs, cottage cheese and chicken.

How can I solve my problem? I’m still a teenager so I don’t have full liberty over what or eat, nor the money to buy everything I need!

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One Response to “Will this diet routine help me lose fat fast?”

  1. Amy said :

    Okay well your carbs and protien are supposed to be even so shoot for 4 carb, 4 protein, one-two fats.


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