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will Sweatshirt and Sweatpant help you lose weight fast when you run?

hello everyone. right now i m working on lose weight to get my shape back . right now i weight 240 and i m 6’1 and 21 year old. i want to lsoe weight till i m 200 or less. i was wonder if i wear sweatshirt and sweatpant will it help me lose weight because sweat will come out alot while i m running?

i need to know soon as possible because i want to change my lifestyle after new year thats my goal.


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7 Responses to “will Sweatshirt and Sweatpant help you lose weight fast when you run?”

  1. weatherdude said :

    Did it work for the nutty professor? lol, nah but seriously it will only help minimally. It will increase sweat production, which is feather-light weight. Just make sure that your running is strong, hard, and on a daily basis. This is much more beneficial than what attire to wear. Good luck

  2. massieblockocd said :

    No! It will just make you hot when you run! DUH! JK! LOL!

  3. Irish Gal on a mission said :

    That’s a great goal, but leave out the sweat shirt and sweatpants, even though it seems like it, the sweat doesn’t matter, all the sweat that is coming out of your body is water weight, not fat. So just wear what you think is most comfortable.

  4. Tess said :

    No. It only increases body temperature, thus making you sweat more. Not does this pose a danger of over heating or dehydration, you gain the weight right back when you drink some water.

    Wear clothes that are comfortable and suitable for the climate you are running in.

  5. Emily J said :

    No, it won’t. It’ll just make you lose more water weight, ffrom when you sweat more. As soon as you drink water, you’ll gain it all back.

  6. alex baby! said :

    It will just make you sweat more, meaning you will loose WATER weight, not actual fat.
    You will just put it back on once you rehydrate.

    So wearing one while you run isn’t a magic weight loss cure.
    But if it’s cold, I recommend it [:

  7. Vanessa said :

    Hey there first off good for you! Wearing layered clothing while working out will help you to loose weight but unfortunately only water weight fyi the more water weight you loose the less hydration your muscles will get which is not good because then they won’t be able to burn the actual fat. My advice to you is start out slow and work your way up, try walking or jogging and a little lite weight training as well at least 2 or 3 days a week the more muscle there is the more fat will be burned! Good luck!


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